SSSeptember 2nd

sss02Here’s what I wore today!  This necklace was refashioned from three other pieces.  The centerpiece was originally a small wall hanging; I added the bail.  The turquiose stones came from an old necklace,and the coral stones came from an even older bracelet that I didn’t wear any more.  Though you can’t see them in this snapshot, there’s is a pair of matching turquoise earrings that I made, as well.  I really like this statement piece!
And just so you know, while trying to take this picture of myself, I realized that I now have a turkey neck with lots of saggy skin  ACK!! When that THAT happen?  Do you know how hard  it is to take a picture of yourself while looking up at the ceiling in order to stretch out your turkey neck?  I took a dozen shots while before I managed to capture just the necklace, and I still cropped out my recently discovered old-lady neck!

Angela Pea

One thought on “SSSeptember 2nd

  1. Love the combination of turquoise with coral, and that you used a wallhanging as a necklace, it's totally the sort of thing I would do too (I made a sporran into a necklace not so long ago!)

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