Learning to Run – DONE! – and a Big Time Happy Dance!

Happy Dance?  Why?  Because a) it’s Friday and I’m looking at a three day weekend; b) the temperature has dropped below 100 degrees again – in fact, it’s below ninety!; and c) I pulled out my jeans to wear to work today and they DIDN’T FIT! 

Usually, non-fitting pants would send me into a snit, complete with self-loathing and a day spent in a foul temper. This morning I just grinned, jumped up and down all over the bedroom and dragged my Husband out of the shower just to show him the FOUR INCH gap in the waistband!  Seriously! I haven’t worn jeans since summer began back at the end of March, and these were really, really tight last spring.  They were so tight that I couldn’t wear them all day long without being majorly uncomfortable. I tossed them in the floor, pulled out an old pair of size 12, non-stretch skinny jeans and oh-my-gosh they fit. They fit LOOSELY!!   I can do situps in these – sit cross legged on the floor – probably even do a back flip if I knew how to do a back flip!  I am grinning from ear to ear today!
I have officially completed the Learning to Run Program and can now run a 5K.  I did the final training segment yesterday and finished in 41:23 minutes!   Need to shave two more minutes off the time and I’m ready for the race in October. 


One thought on “Learning to Run – DONE! – and a Big Time Happy Dance!

  1. Oh wow! What an amazing feeling that must have been! And brilliant job on the running. Thank you Angela for your words on my blog. You are right and I am in that frame of mind now so thank you 🙂

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