Friday Fives!

Another edition of Beth’s Friday Fives. This week’s topic is “Things I Have in my Refridgerator”. This one is rather difficult for me, because I have three teenagers at home, two of whom are teenage boys, and there are always a few extra friends hanging out. My refridgerator is EMPTY most of the time!

However, when it is freshly stocked after a grocery run we always have the following…

5. Milk. With so many kids, I buy two to three gallons a week, and we still run ut before the next trip to the grocery store. I’ve considered actually putting a cow in the back yard, but then I would just have to take care if it, too.

4. Fresh fruit and vegetables. If it’s in season, then it’s in my refridgerator. Right now, the fridge is full of tomaotos, eggplant, zucchini, peaches, nectarines, plums and cherries. Or, it will be once I stop by the farmers market on the way home from work.

3. Newman’s Own Light Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette. Love this stuff, especially on a spinach salad with a few strawberries and a sprinke of feta cheese.

2. Cheese. Specifically chipolte cheddar, fresh motzarella, parmesean, and colby. We all love cheese!

1. Greek Yogurt. This is mine, all mine. I eat low-fat Greek yogurt every morning for breakfast with a scoop of homemade granola. I like it plain with a smidgen of honey, or the Stonyfield Farm caramel flavor, or Fayeh’s vanilla. It’s all good, and good for me!

 Angela Pea

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