SSSeptember 8th

Today I was frazzled.  I stayed up way too late last night refreshing my memory on the niceties of calculus and chemistry so that I could help Teen Daughter#2 study for today’s tests.  Then I stayed up even LATER sitting with Teen Son#1 as he finished a project that is due on Thursday, because he has football tonight and woudn’t  be able to get it done today.  THEN, I went to bed without laying out my clothes for today – which only leads to a chaotic morning trying to throw together an outfit that will hold up in the torrential downpour remnants of Hurricane Hermine.  I almost forgot about Self Sewed September, so I grabbed this dainty from the dresser and slipped her on. 


Its an old fashioned daisy chain bead ring, made with little sead pearls and tiny bronze beads.  This was a silly keep-my-hands-busy project on a rainy day last fall, and I wear it more often than I originally thought I would!

Hmmm…now that I think about it, the skirt I wore to work today was a refashion.  It’s a heavy jersey fabric swingy skirt that I took in by FOUR INCHES so that it doesn’t slide down over my shrunken fanny.  I am so loving the Skinny Me Edition!

 Angela Pea

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