SSSeptember 17

Rose Quartz Bracelet with Sterling Art Deco clasp – self made
Freshwater Pink Pearl Bracelet with Sterling clasp and Hills Tribe Bead Dangle – self made
Most of the jewelry I make for myself is from reclaimed materials.  For instance, the quartz beads in the top bracelet came from an old necklace I purchased at an estate sale many moons ago.  There were enough quartz beds in that necklace to make this bracelet, a matching pair of earrings, and several other pieces that have since been sold or given away as gifts.  The pink pearls?  Same story.  The original jewelry yielded enough raw materials to make the bracelet I am wearing today, a bracelet that I gave away in a Pay It Forward to my young friend Emily, and there is still a stash in my bead box for another project.  Why am I blathering on about all of this?  Because we are all called to be stewards of this earth, and ‘reuse’ and ‘recycle’ don’t have to mean ‘really ugly’.

EMail Anglea Pea

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