Derailleurs are for WIMPS!

Hey Chickies!  My Birthday Extravaganza got an extension.  Why? 

Because of THIS!


Yes.  That’s a PINK bicycle in my living room.
A magnificent suprise from my parents!

The parental units came down for a visit last weekend, and we were talking about exercise.  I was telling my Mom about how I try to get some every day (exercise – get your mind out of the gutter!)  Teen Son#2 then chimed in, “yeahbut, she doesn’t ride with us anymore because the brakes and gears on her bicycle are always broken.”    Then I started yacking about how I’m getting too old for that hard, skinny racing seat; about how it’s too uncomfortable to ride all hunched over any more; blah, blah, blah.  Just general conversation that quickly moved on to other topics.  Fast forward a few days.

I got an email yesterday afternoon directing me to my local WallyWorld for a pickup.  I needed gas in the car anyway, so I headed over there right after work.   I wandered back to the shipping and recieving area and handed the email receipt to the lady behind the counter.  The crate that was hauled out of the storage area was  labeled “Schwinn” and “27” Ladies Bicycle”.  I loaded it in the van and took it home, then recruited all available teens to help me get the crate open.  You should have heard the squeals of delight from Teen Daughter#2 and me when we opened the box and pulled out the packing material to reveal a PINK bicycle frame!!  Yes!! 

She’s a plain, regular cruiser that has no gears, no switches, no pull wires, nothing that can put her out of commission!   She has a wide, squishy seat, and tall handle bars that let me drive sitting straight up.  I got put her together in less than thirty minutes and was off on a ride with my kids before it got completely dark outside.  

I’ve had a silly grin on my face all day.  All I need now is a name for her.
Thanks, Mom and Dad!

EMail Anglea Pea

9 thoughts on “Derailleurs are for WIMPS!

  1. da-da–da-da–da da da da da-da………….(pink panther theme)I love it! How sweet of your parents! I kind of like my gears, but I'm not a hard worker like you!

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