PSA#8 – Fueling Your Body

Experts have many [conflicting] opinions about what and when we should eat as part of an exercise program. I’ve taken a whack at clearing up the confusion over at Suscipio for Women today.  Hop over and check it out, and be sure to say hi to all of the wonderful women you’ll find over there.
Fuel Your Bod.  Keep the Faith.

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PSA #7 – What to Do When It HURTS!

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you change your workout a little bit and then your muscles ache like crazy a few days later?  There’s a reason for that!   I’m guest posting over at Suscipio for Women today, and will tell you all about it.  Hop over and check it out, and be sure to say hi to all of the wonderful women you’ll find over there.
Fix the Hurt.  Keep the Faith.

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Minutes – November 27


Praying for

  • friends who are struggling – depression, their spouse’s illness, cancer, job loss, upheaval – that they all find peace
  • family, that we truly appreciate and love each other
  • aging parents, that we make the right decisions with the utmost compassion
Grateful for
  • Thanksgiving with my family
  • sunshine
  • winter blue skies


Pumpkin pie happened, but so did a lot of cycling, walking, dancing and cartwheels.  I’m afraid to step on the scale.


Christmas decorating. The boys pulled down the boxes this weekend and we’re decking the halls.  Er, make that the rooms.  Our house doesn’t have any hallways.  I hope that Mr. Pea decides to put the outside lights up this weekend when it’s supposed to be EIGHTY degrees.  Much nicer to hang fake icicle lights in the heat than climbing up on a ladder when it’s freezing cold with a 30 mph breeze blowing.


  • Turkey Soup
  • Butternut Squash Soup
  • Chicken quesadillas and Black Beans
  • Baked Ziti with Zucchini and Italian (chicken) Sausage
  • Pizza Night for the boys…Mr. Pea and I have a Grown Up Party!!
  • Meatloaf with Roasted Tomatoes, Smashed Taters and Peas


Ridiculously blurry snapshot of The Architect and Princess Pea dancing Gagnam Style in the hotel hallway.  There are pictures of me doing cartwheels in the same hallway on the SDCard, but I’m not posting them here!

Ridiculously curly hair and caffeinated smile in my Mom’s Kitchen. I was teaching The Architect how to make gravy.

::looking ahead

Back to School for the boys!  Time to start tutoring and reviewing with Chris for his mid-terms.  It’s a long, drawn out process with him.  Company Christmas Party this weekend:  it’s going to be a mystery dinner theater sort of event.  Fun!  A few hours trail building with the boys, The Architect has a workshop to prepare for a Robotics Competition in January, Mr. Pea is working and the girls are both back at school studying for finals.  My current lot of Senior Project students are making their project presentation to the Advisory Board.  Their final technical presentation is the next week.

Remember the teaching job?  It got pulled.  The Dean decided he wanted to teach the class himself. On the bright side, he already has me scheduled as a guest lecturer for the lessons on presentation skills, resume writing and professional development!

Linking up at Suscipio – come join us!

 Record the Minutes.  Keep the Faith.

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