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Learning to, Uh…Play Football

The names have been drawn.  The teams are determined.  It’s Turkey Bowl time at the office.
Turkey Bowl?  Yup.  We sell squares, divide into teams, do a lot of trash talking, make up silly endzone dances for extra points and then play an AWESOME game of flag football on the Friday before Thanksgiving.  One of our landscape architects is a real announcer for a local ISD – he brings his audio setup and calls the game.  We set up the video cameras and broadcast the game to our sattelite offices.  The Survey  crews fire up their grill and serve hotdogs.  Many wagers are made, won and lost, and a good time is had by all.  All winnings are gathered into a big envelope and donated to Cook Children’s Hospital. 
Today I spent an hour practicing flag football with the guys – I even scored a touchdown!  This is huge Chickies,  HUOOOOOGE!!  Last year I could hardly run crossways over the field.  I sprinted over the goal line today.  I’m pretty sure they ‘let’ me run all the way, but hey, I’ll claim it!
SO…if you just happen to be in the neighborhood on the southwest corner of downtown Fort Worth next Friday, come watch us play!  Buff Chad will be here.  You can cheer on The Ball Hogs (my team) and toss a few bucks into the kitty for Cook Children’s while you’re here!
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3 thoughts on “Learning to, Uh…Play Football

  1. You Texas gals have it made…nice weather at Thanksgiving, flag football in Ft. Worth, and Buff Chad!Great running Miss Pea! Once more you inspire me.

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