Conversations with the Inner Brat

My conversation with Miss Olivia went something like this today.
You can’t go running today.  The only clothes in your  bag are HOT clothes.
Olivia, they are not hot clothes.  They are fleece clothes.  I forgot to switch them to lighter layers after I heard the weather report this morning.
But you’re going to get SWEATY.
The fleece pants may get a little soaked around the waistband. I do have a short sleeve t-shirt in that bag, though, and that should help. Besides, there’s a shower downstairs and I can clean up when I get back.
You didn’t bring SOCKS!
I know.  *sigh*  It became a complicated morning when Teen Son#1 announced that he Had to be at school early today, ten minutes before we usually start loading the car.  My running shoes are pretty much broken down well worn and I don’t think lack of socks will be a problem for the short run I have planned.
But it’s WINDY, and your hair will get messed up!
Go play with someone else today, Olivia.  I’m going for a run.

Some days are easier than others when it comes to Miss Olivia.  She knows every excuse under the sun and can cajole, whine and run her sassy mouth until the cows come home.   She can justify eating chocolate cake and can convince me to skip Body Pump.  She challenges me every second that I’m awake. 
I won today. Two miles in 26 minutes.
(image of “Fancy Nancy” aka, Miss Olivia, My Inner Brat, from Harper Collins Children’s Books, by Jane O’Connor, Illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser)

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