Today's Workout – in Just a Shirt!

HA!  Made you look! Of course I was wearing pants!  “Just a Shirt” as in, just a t-shirt, no fleece layer, no windbreaker.  As in it is currently 67 degrees outside! As in this…


is how absolutely gorgeous the sky is today!

I really did help dig…I put the shovel down
for a minute to pick up the camera.

That tree?  The week before Snowmageddon, we had a Tree Planting Party at work.  We planted six oak trees, six red buds and three elm trees on the east side of our building.  I planted the tree in the picture above.  Well, actually, my teens and I dug the hole – several of the guys in the office put the tree IN the hole. I couldn’t have lifted it without renting a piece of construction equipment.

Men At Work

Happy Valentine’s Day, Chickies!

EMail Anglea Pea

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