20{4}40 – Spring

Tete-a-Tete Daffodils
I know that spring is officially here when these babies show up in the back garden.  They are miniature daffodils, each delicate blossom about as big as a quarter. The bulbs were shared with me many, many years ago by a very dear friend who is now gone.  I think of her every spring when mine poke their yellow heads up out of the ground.  In memory of Jean…today I am thankful for

161. Green grass arriving in the spring, reassuring us that the cycle continues
162. Robins
163. Geese flying over in huge V’s, yes my friends to the north, spring is coming!
164. Ferns that always surprise me with their curled sprouts
165. Boston ivy covering the back wall
166. Kites, especially the dragon
167. Remote control airplanes
168. Rockets
169. Recovering rockets, even after launching them with a charge that is a little too large
170. The wisteria that shades the back patio
171. Holly ferns
172. The sweet house wrens that build a nest every year in the hanging baskets on the patio, which means that every year, I don’t put new plants in them until the babies fly away.
173. The cardinal that nests in the holly tree
174. Warm breezes
175. Pulling the cover off the grill, cleaning her up and putting her back in service
176. Hamburgers with drippy cheese
177. Eating outside again
178. Fire pit on the deck for the chilly spring nights
179. Roasting marshmallows over the fire pit
180. Spring

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. EMail Anglea Pea

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