20{4}40 – Herbs and Iris


 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

681. The tiller

682. Remembering to cut back and clean the garden beds last winter, making today’s tilling so much easier
683. Hardy plants that take all the abuse I heap on them and still come back every year, such as
684. Salvia officinalis
685. Artemesia ‘Powis Castle’
686. Salvia faromacea ‘Victoria Blue’
687. Salvia greggi
688. Origanum vulgare x hirtum ‘Norton’s Gold’
689. Artemisia absinthium ‘Wormwood’
690. Lavandula angustifolia ‘Province’
691. Pruning paint
692. Extension ladders
693. Chainsaw
694. Iris Blooming

695. ‘Cherubim’

696. ‘Superstition’

697. ‘Breakers’

698. ‘Sweet Thing’

699. ‘Lavender Lady’

700. ‘Painted Clouds’

Lavender Lady

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20{4}40 – Wildfires, a Movie and Dishes


6:30 pm  View from the back porch.
Smoke blocking the sun.
661. Eggs for breakfast
662. Tangerines
663. Bananas
664. Husband taking DirtBike and The Architect to school
665. Elliptical run at lunchtime
666. Tuna and crackers after run
667. Husband picking up DirtBike and The Architect after school
668. Wildfires by the house being quickly spotted
669. Hudson Oaks and Aledo volunteer firemen
670. The wind dying down just in time
671. Wildfire being quickly put out before any homes or barns were damaged
672. Faith that rain will come again, the earth will heal, and the trees and grass will come back
673. Linguini and asparagus for dinner
674. Big Ole’ Salad to go with linguini and asparagus
675. DirtBike’s turn to do the dishes
676. Dishes being done without a single gripe or complaint
677. At home movie night – Tangled!
678. Popcorn
679. Apples
680. Peppermint tea


You may have seen a quick blurb on your local news about the wildfires in Texas.  It’s bad, my friends, very, very bad.  Please pray for the brave men and women who are fighting to put the fires out.  Pray for those who are temporarily displaced and for those who have lost their homes.  Pray for the communities who have lost their churches and their businesses. Most of all, pray for rain.

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

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20{4}40 – Garden and Clothesline

561. Trees done pollinating the universe so that I can…

562. Put up the clothesline for the summer
563. Sheets dried in the sun
564. Tee-shirts fresh and clean from drying in the wind
565. Baby tomato plants
566. House wren who starts building a nest in the hanging basket less than thirty minutes after I put a new fern in it
567. Boston ferns
568. Plants on the patio
569. Not needing to drag plants into the sunroom overnight
570. Chives

571. Fresh basil
572. Fresh oregano
573. Thai basil and its marvelous licorice scent
574. Napping on the deck
575. Roses that have grown so huge that they need to be trimmed back
576. Leather gloves that go up to the elbow
577. Pruning shears
578. Pruning saw
579. Iris sending up buds
580. Yucca about to bloom

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

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20{4}40 – The Architect and a Movie

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 
541. Friday at the end of a very long week

542. Looking forward to a movie tonight with the family
543. Understanding Guidance Counselor
544. Uber sweet, overripe grapefruit
545. Flax seed flat bread with peanut butter
546. Coffee (can I be thankful for that every day?)
547. Seeing a movie – in a theater!
The Architect  (and me, if you look closely!)
548. Picking up The Architect’s friends to take them all to the movie
549. A van full of teenage boys
550. Noticing little girls looking at The Architect and Friends and giggling
551. Watching The Architect and Friends interact with their girl friends (Not girlfriends, girl friends)
552. The Architect graciously inviting DirtBike hang with him and Friends
553. The Friends being genuinely great young men
554. Movie theater popcorn
555. Black licorice
556. Skittles for DirtBike
557. Sour rope things for The Architect
558. Hop
559. Visiting with Friends parents at the designated pick up spot
560. Knowing we have a pretty big ‘village’ of like minded parents to accompany us as we raise our children

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20{4}40 – Bikes, Breast Cancer and Boobs

Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

521. Sunshine
522. Company Bicycles
523. The brilliant idea of painting my bike helmet pink
524. Bike ride along the Trinity
525. A 2.6 pound loss this week
526. Finally getting off the plateau
527. Persistence
528. Buff Chad for teaching me the proper form for planks, situps and pushups
529. Being able to share my [limited] fitness knowledge with others
530. 5K opportunities
531. Promising to walk with a friend on a 5K in May – walk with her, not run for me
532. Rosemary Olive Oil pretzel crisps
533. Fresh haircut
534. New Style
535. Hair dryer
536. Flat iron
537. Christine’s recovery from breast cancer
538. Her last round of Chemo
539. Her looking forward to new, perkier boobs
540. Being able to laugh with Christine about the thought of new, perkier boobs

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20{4}40 – The Architect and Graduation

The Architect and Friends

481.  The Architect
482. Passion Play for the parish

483. Silly Guard uniform for Passion Play, complete with leather skirt, chest plate and plumed helmet
484. The seriousness with which The Architect considers his role in the Passion Play
485. The somber moment when he says, “Mom, I don’t want to be the one to kill Jesus.”
486. The immediate moment after when he says, “I’ll just let our roles drop for a minute and see just C***y standing there. I can hit him easy and he won’t care.”

487. Graduation from 8th grade

488. Plans for graduation celebrations

489. May Crowning
490. Living Rosary
491. The Architect wanting to say the Hail Mary in Portuguese
492. Husband trying to remember how to say the Hail Mary in Portuguese!
493. Rosary I made for The Architect for his first communion
494. 8th Grade Mass for the Diocese
495. Day trip to the Ranch
496. Swimming
497. 8th grade teachers who are very gracious and diplomatic in the way they enforce the “modest swimsuit” rule for the Ranch trip
498. Anticipating all the parties and fun that goes with launching our kids to high school
499. The Architect’s Friends, who have been his friends since preschool
500. Knowing my kids know Jesus

Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

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20{4}40 – Late to Work and a Site Visit

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

 461. Precious drops of rain
462. Thunder and lightning shows in the wee hours of the morning
463. Lost keys
464. Spare keys
465. A quick drive back home to deliver keys…enjoying the extra hour of quiet thinking time
466. Getting to hug Princess Pea one more time when I bring her keys to her
467. An understanding boss
468. Almond Biscotti
469. Copious amounts of Decaffeinated coffee
470. Site visit on a pretty afternoon
471. Client with a pickup truck
472. Figuring out how to solve a sticky drainage issue
473. Agreeable homeowners who will let the City have a drainage easement across their property
474. Surveyors who have everything staked out, easy to see
475. Silly dogs in dog shacks
476. Blooming trees
477. More dogs guarding their yard
478. Being able to fix a sewer connection
479. Driving back to the office with the sunroof open, music blaring and hair flying in the wind
480. Decaffeinated Americano with skim milk on ice
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