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From One of My Favorite Bloggers

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Achilles heel: Ice Cream

Battle cry: Bring It On.
Casket size: None — I plan to donate my body to science and then be cremated.
Deformity: one ear is significantly lower than the other.  To the point that when I make dangly earrings, one has an extra link in it.
Embarrassing nickname: Grace.  Because I’m not.  Graceful, that is.
Fish I’d most like to be if I were somehow, for some reason, forced to be turned into a fish: Mudskipper, because they show some inititive
Getaway route: Any path that will take me by a Carribean beach where I can become blissfully distracted
Hillbilly name (click here): Betty Rose Clementine
Inanimate object I most resemble: An hourglass
“Jack”, Favorite blogger named: That would be Jack Sh*t!, of course
Knot I have most trouble untying: Sheepshank.
Last lesson learned: Do not try to blend an entire blenderful of hot soup. 
Middle letter of middle name: A
Nearest Chinese restaurant: P.F. Chang
Oldest person I know: My MIL — She’s actually older than my Grandma
Pancakes, Favorite topping for: pecans and maple syrup.  The real stuff.
Quality I wish I had more of: patience
Rap artist I’d most like to chillax with: Usher.  Is he a rap artist?
Salad dressing I despise most: Catalina
TV show I wish would disappear forever: All reality TV programs
Underwear, Favorite kind/color: Clean, nude
Vice that I wish I could do away with: talking too loudly
Website that I check first every day: blogger
Xerox, Funniest thing I’ve copied on: a fern frond
“Yes,” Dumbest thing to which I’ve answered: “Can you help with the Cookie Sale?”
Zombie, Favorite “brain” dish if I ever became a: scrambled
 EMail Anglea Pea

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