20{4}40 – Books

Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

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201. Books
202. Reading
203. Reading a book about Mary Anning
204. Reading with kids, even though they are no longer “little kids”
205. Cook Books
206. Hay Day Country Market Cookbook
207. The Cake Bible and it’s friend The Pie Bible
208. Scary books
209. Stephen King
210. Dean Koontz
211. How To Books
212. Knitting on the Go
213. Beadworks
214. The Solar Home
215. Building Sheds
216. Sewing Lingerie
217. Reading in the car while Husband drives
218. Guilty Pleasure of reading a trashy novel (s)
219. Jane Austen (who did not write trashy novels)
220. Jodi Picoult


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