20{4}40 – Tired Day, X-Rays and Yes, Even Poison Ivy

 Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

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321. Monday
322. Snooze buttons on alarm clocks
323. Leftovers ready for dinner after a long day at work
324. Teens who get home first and run the vacuum before I get home
325. Fuel efficient car – 40 mpg, Baby!

326. Dr. Tom, our amazing pediatrician for the past twenty years
327. X-Ray technology
328. Dirtbike’s accident turning out to be ‘just’ an injury and not a break
329. Orthotic inserts
330. Flexibility of teenage boys
331. Amazing healing powers of teenage boys

332. Zanfel
333. Calamine lotion by the gallon
334. IvyDry
335. Roundup, the heavy duty brush concentrate for killing poison ivy
336. Heavy rubber gloves to wear while pulling poison ivy vines and bagging it
337. The fact that I’m not terribly allergic to poison ivy and am able to take on “vine removal” to protect Husband, Cherry Ames Student Nurse, Princess Pea, The Architect and Dirtbike
338. Dumb Dog, even though he chases rabbits through poison ivy and drags urushiol back home on his fur.
339. Dog Shampoo
340. A second pair of rubber gloves for washing the dog

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