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Sweet Shot Tuesday and 20{4}40 – Hammers, Nails and Power Tools, Oh My!

We are all pencils in the Hand of God. ~ Mother Theresa


Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

641. The invite to participate on a Habitat for Humanity project – a house built by women!
642. Getting to know other women in my neighborhood while working together
643. Meeting other amazing women from my community
644. Meeting Ken and Joe, and learning about the Habitat for Humanity project
645. The fact that I have skills that imminently useful, such as
646. Reading construction plans
647. Using a miter saw to cut truss struts and braces
648. Using a circular saw to cut decking pieces
649. Using a laser level to, uh, level stuff
650. Using a chisel to scale the faces of framing over lintels
651. Using a hammer to place stringers for ceiling board
652. Using a caulk gun
653. Using a staple gun to attach sheathing
654. Using a hand plane to ease a finished edge
655. The neighbor who brought us a wonderful lunch of barbeque sandwiches
656. The other neighbor who brought us cookies and a cooler full of water
657. Sunscreen
658. Hardhats (yeah, I bumped my head hard hat several times while nailing the stringer!)
659. Aching muscles from a job well done
660. Advil at the end of the day

 EMail Anglea Pea

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