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Sweet Shot Tuesday and 20{4}40 – Hammers, Nails and Power Tools, Oh My!

We are all pencils in the Hand of God. ~ Mother Theresa


Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

641. The invite to participate on a Habitat for Humanity project – a house built by women!
642. Getting to know other women in my neighborhood while working together
643. Meeting other amazing women from my community
644. Meeting Ken and Joe, and learning about the Habitat for Humanity project
645. The fact that I have skills that imminently useful, such as
646. Reading construction plans
647. Using a miter saw to cut truss struts and braces
648. Using a circular saw to cut decking pieces
649. Using a laser level to, uh, level stuff
650. Using a chisel to scale the faces of framing over lintels
651. Using a hammer to place stringers for ceiling board
652. Using a caulk gun
653. Using a staple gun to attach sheathing
654. Using a hand plane to ease a finished edge
655. The neighbor who brought us a wonderful lunch of barbeque sandwiches
656. The other neighbor who brought us cookies and a cooler full of water
657. Sunscreen
658. Hardhats (yeah, I bumped my head hard hat several times while nailing the stringer!)
659. Aching muscles from a job well done
660. Advil at the end of the day

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20{4}40 – Stephen Breen Memorial Foundation

Stephen Breen was 14 years old when he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a very rare form of bone cancer. At the time, he was a freshman at Nolan Catholic High School and had just graduated from St. Andrew Catholic School in 2002. Stephen was a caring, quick-witted, loving boy and a very good student. During his illness, he grew more courageous and brave – a young man who is still an inspiration to many. Until his death at 15 years old, Stephen touched many lives by possessing wisdom beyond his age, strength greater than his size, and faith in God without understanding why he was stricken with cancer.

Throughout his life, Stephen expressed a desire to help people. Two areas were particularly important to him. Stephen wanted to help kids obtain an education in the Catholic school system, and he wanted to help kids who are stricken with cancer like he was. The Stephen Breen Memorial Foundation has been established to fulfill Stephen’s wishes and achieve these objectives.

Stephen is the son of our very dear friends*, and the Pea Family is so honored to be able to support the Foundation with our time, talent and treasure.  One of our volunteer stints is the Annual Stephen Breen Basketball Tournament at our parish school – two weeks of Basketball and more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  Seriously!  There are about fourteen families who stage this production, complete with [model] F35 flyovers in the gym during the national anthem, amazing concessions (burgers! grilled chicken! pulled pork!) and silly audience participation games at halftime and between games.  We literally live at the school gym for the entire two weeks, eating, playing, praying and raising money for the Foundation.

Today was the Championship Games for 2011 – what an amazing collection of young people playing their hearts out, all for Stephen and his dream.  So today?  I’m counting my Stephen Breen Blessings.

Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

61. Basketball – the middle school variety
62. Jim and Kathy Breen, and the amazing foundation they have established in their son’s memory
63. The honor and privilege of sharing our time, talent and treasure with the Stephen Breen foundation
64. Donna R. who made the most delicious King Ranch Chicken for the volunteers at the Basketball tournament
65. Getting to meet David Hira
66. Having dinner with the Bishop
67. Finally learning how to run the game clock
68. Concession stand volunteers
69. Bobby P, greatest sports announcer on the face of the earth
70. Dana C, the calmest person I’ve ever met
71. F-35 flybys in the school gym
72. St. Andrew Wildcats
73. Ronda F, who is an inspiration to us all for perseverance
74. Shop Vacs, most excellent for cleaning up confetti
75. Access to the school cafeteria
76. Routers
77. Michael S and his photography
78. Moms who man the gate at basketball games so that I can grab a bite to eat
79. Alex L, the best fifth grade helper ever
80. Bridgette L, for driving on the beer run for the post clean up party so I wouldn’t have to move my car from a primo parking space!

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Knit for Good

Fr. Publius’ homily at mass this Sunday was about Charity. That’s Charity with a capital “C”.  Why?  Because as God’s children, we are called to be charitable, giving our time, talent and treasure to all of His creation. 
The message couldn’t have been more timely!  I’m participating in Snickerdoodle‘s Knit-a-Long, and donating my work to the Knit for Good program.

Consider this:
Nearly 4 million babies die each year in their first month of life – half within their first 24 hours -mostly from preventable or treatable causes. But by giving mothers and caregivers a package of simple tools, including guidance on healthy newborn care practices, the majority of these deaths could be prevented. Items crucial to saving more babies’ lives include:

• antibiotics to treat infection
• immunizations against tetanus
• skilled birth attendants at every birth
• counseling on breastfeeding
• information on basic newborn care such as keeping the cord clean and keeping the baby warm

And this:

Baby caps are a simple and effective tool that can keep babies warm and ultimately contribute to reducing newborn deaths in the developing world.

Don’t know how to knit, but still want to play, too?  You are IN LUCK!  Stephanie has posted beginner knitting tutorials at Snickerdoodle!  These tutorials are comprehensive, with videos to show you exactly how and step by step instructions that will have you knitting baby caps in no time at all. So. Answering God’s call to charity,  I’m knitting baby caps!  Want to play along?  Click on the Knit for Good button at the top right.  It will take you to Snickerdoodle’s website where you can get all the info you need to get started, including a link back to Knit for Good. Don’t Wait!  Caps need to be delivered by the end of February.

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Exercise Efforts for Today – the Turkey Bowl!

  Today was the TNP Annual Turkey Bowl Flag Football Championship.  The winners get to brag for a year and walk away from the field with muddy shoes.

Nothing like football in the mud for team building.

TNP Cheerleaders

Halftime Interview with Buff Chad
If you zoom in, I am on the far right hand side of the picture, behind the girls in front who are wearing jeans.  I have on a white tee shirt (duh) and dark sunglasses.
Look!  I’m on the left hand side of the shot, turning my head and running the play just the way the guys told me!
Don’t I look all officially football-like?

The Referee got thrown into the mud hole as part of The Fun Team’s Victory Celebration.
I’m helping her to plan some sort of revenge.  Updates will be posted.

TNP Turkey Bowl 2010

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Turkey Bowl = Mudfest!

I just walked down the back stairway to survey and got stopped in my tracks.  Shock, Chickies, pure, unadulterated shock. 
Ft. Worth’s finest have been coerced by Team Fun to instigate a MUDBOWL!   Our football field is now a PUDDLE!!
I’ll be back later…with more pictures


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