Summer Challenge and a HALLELUIAH!!

Halleluiah!  Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir
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What’s the halleluiah for?  Blogger is working again!!  I’ve been blog-less for twelve days – TWELVE DAYS!  I swear, my head was about to explode! I’ve been online on the Blogger forums – apparently that little snafu a few weeks ago was a humongous mess up for bloggers around the world. Blogger kept saying “It’s all fixed now” and “We’re up and running”, but there were many hundreds of thousands of bloggers left out in the rain.  Including me.
No posting, no editing, no manipulating my background images.  Worse still?  No feeds to my favorite blogs!!  I’m so out of touch now.  If something really, Really Important happened that I should know about, somebody please tell me, okay?
So. Enough whining!  Weight loss?  Trudging right along, thank you very much.  I’m fighting for every ounce, but guess what?  I’ve learned the WHY behind why the last few pounds are so ridiculously difficult to shed.  Stay tuned for a PSA…
I’m up to a little challenge this summer.  Debbi over at Debbi Does Dieting is hosting a Slimmer this Summer challenge.  Some other bloggy support groupies are joining up, so I did, too.  (Ooh! Ooh!  I’m one of the cool kids!)   Take a look.  Sign up. Keep going.
I’m glad to be back.

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