Friday and a NSV!!

NSV…sure.  Get to that in a minute. I had a RSV (Real Scale Victory) this week, too!  Down 2.8 pounds, putting me at 162.0, the lowest I’ve been in eons!  As Elvis would say,

Thank you.  Thank you very much.

The NSV?  Today on my lunch hour I grabbed one of the company bikes and rode fifteen miles. FIFTEEN, I tell you!  How did I do it? Lets start with a very frustrating morning dealing with


not necessarily in that order.  Then  take into consdieration that it’s B-E-A-YOOOOOOO-tiful outside and sunshine makes me happy.  Mix those two together, toss in my need to rail against something and a totally awesome bike and Voila!  I totally beat up those bike pedals!  Rode from my office all the way to highway 183 and back to the office.

This is where I rode today!  Interesting transition from the
pavement in “downtown” to the suburb pavement.
The trees on the other side of the Trinity look like they’re getting a drink.

Smiling and feeling much, much better!

I think I need to learn how to hold the phone and take pictures of myself while riding, like Bitchcakes does. I’m not that coordinated, though, and would probably crash the bike. Which wouldn’t be good, because it’s a company bike, not actually my own.

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3 thoughts on “Friday and a NSV!!

  1. Awesome! Nothing like a good workout (and speed on the bike) to make you feel better. Burning stress through a good outdoor workout is my favorite! Keep it up!

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