StS Challenge – Day 51 – Hotter than Hot

Scorching, broiling, scalding, sweltering, blistering, sizzling…just pick one. Any one will do.

This is a screen shot from my computer.  No, your eyes are not tricking you.  Yes, it is 108 degrees at six o’clock in the evening. (Like that background?  I snapped that picture earlier this spring on my front porch, before the heat wave started.  That ivy was still fresh and green.  It’s now half-baked.)

So how did this week go?  Grrrr!!  I gained a pound, even after all the incredible biking last week.  I put in almost 100 miles, plus Zumba classes and a few rounds of lifting, AND keeping OP!!  Oh well. It is what it is.  I’m too miserable from being hot to get upset over a pound gained.  Other goals:

  • Tracking food and exercise consistently and honestly – Done!  Even The Architect’s birthday cake.  I had a small piece to celebrate my oldest son’s fifteenth birthday.  He got a learner’s permit for his birthday, folks, so if any of you live in my area, watch out for the incredibly handsome kid driving a minivan.
  • Stay within my daily point allowance – Yes, and then some.  I’m still making sure that I eat enough…eating most of my AP’s.
  • Earn a minimum of 50 activity points a week – Holy Cow!  I earned 121 APs this week!! That’s an all time record for me.  I won’t be doing it again any time soon, unless we get a freak blizzard and the temperature drops about fifty degrees or so.
  • Blogging – done, as of this post.
  • No quitting?  No brainer.  I haven’t quit yet!
  • Supporting fellow challengers – I checked in, left notes and cheered on the crew! I continue to pray daily for our entire group, and hope you are all doing the same.  There’s a special power to prayer when it comes in large doses.
Have a wonderful week, everyone, and stay cool.

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One thought on “StS Challenge – Day 51 – Hotter than Hot

  1. Wow! You are doing so good on goals! The scale will catch up… I’m sure of it. The heat may be causing you to retain water, thats what it does to me!

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