Sweet Shot Tuesday – Berl’s Garden

Berl is our company chaplain.  (Yes, we have a chaplain.  That is just HOW COOL my employer is!)   Berl is a master gardener, and he invited several of us over last Thursday to tour his garden.  The lushness was astonishing, especially considering that we have had 23 consecutive days of 100+ degree temperatures!
Here are the sweetest shots from that visit.
Southern Wood Fern
Dryopteris normalis 'Southern Wood Fern'
Parthenocissus quinquefolia 'Virgina Creeper'

So you can see the ‘big picture’…

Caladium and Hosta
Berl's Garden

EMail Anglea Pea Sweet Shot Day

2 thoughts on “Sweet Shot Tuesday – Berl’s Garden

  1. Nice photography. Your company sounds awesome…chaplain, personal trainer…do you have day-care too? Not that I need it–nor do I live in Texas–just wondering.

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