Christmas Dress Challenge – Week Three – Got a Dress!!

This week I weighed in at 157.6 pounds, a 0.1 pound loss.

The best thing this week?  I finally Conquered the Priority #1 DO-IT!!  I have to confess right up front that it is NOT in a smaller size. It’s actually in a bigger size than what I wear now.  Before you all scream ‘Not Fair!!’ think about Mir’s post about clothes sizes and the feedback about how ridiculous they can be.  I checked this brand’s size chart and I’ve tried on this style dress in store and it runs very, very small.  It’s a jersey knit, very clingy and very shaped.  Wanna see??

The Red Dress!!No, I’m not this slender, nor this young!  I look okay, though, for an advanced middle aged mother of four, and I can not WAIT to wear this dress!!

Princess Pea's Prom Shoes

I think I need some spectacular shoes to wear with this.  Maybe I can borrow Princess Pea’s prom shoes.

DO-IT: I’m a Weight Watchers fan, so I’ll stick to my points, 29 daily points 49 weeklies. This week I stayed within my daily allowance; I did not eat my weekly points. I did eat a few of my activity points.

DO-IT: Earn 50 activity points a week.  Got this!  Exercised six days – 15 mile bike ride, 10 mile bike ride, two Zumba sessions, tree trimming, garage cleaning, situps pushups and one mountain bike outing. That one was hard because DirtBike, my teen son, took a tough spill in the first mile and sprained his ankle.  He was able to pedal on the levels, but the pressure on the uphills was a bit much.  We had to ride three miles before we could safely get off the trail, and for every hill, I had to get off my bike, help push him up, then hike back down for my own bike and pedal up.  I earned 54 points this week.

DO-IT: Consistency.  Consistent I was this week.  No binges, no slacking on exercise.

DO-IT: Hydrate.  Done!

DO-IT: I started reading Refuse to Regain, and so far, I find it interesting with some sound, realistic advice.  .

DO-IT: One update post a week.  Yes. Yes again for the Christmas Dress Blog.

DO-IT: Link up to your weekly updates.  Done.

DO-IT:  Be supportive.  Yes!  I’ll see you all this week, too!

Keep the Faith.

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17 thoughts on “Christmas Dress Challenge – Week Three – Got a Dress!!

  1. I love that belt falling like a waterfall- super pretty! And those are some glamorous shoes. You have serious stick-to-it-ness and it’s really inspiring and great to read. 🙂

  2. Wow! What a pretty dress. And the shoes! You will be one hot mama!
    Awesome job on the weekly “do it”!

    Is your dress red like in the picture?

  3. glad you found a great dress and I agree – sizes are totally variable. Get one that looks good on you. I hate things being too clingy too. yikes. At nearly 50, I don’t need to show every bump and buldge – doesn’t look so good on the young women either with the love handles and muffin top issues that even some teens have when wearing those super tight camis and other tops.

  4. BEAUITUFUL dress!! You will look so awesome in that dress. YEAH!!! You are doing excellent so just keep it up. Thanks for your kind words this week. Have a great and blessed weekend.

  5. Great job on all the exercising & sticking to your goals! Hope your son’s ankle is feeling better:-)

  6. I tried to e-mail you and say thank you but for some reason didn’t work. So I’ll just tell you…
    That was just the best thing I could of read this early afternoon. THANK YOU!!
    Now it’s onward and downward, time to put all my mind into my body. It’s hard though but I’m learning.
    Take care and have a blessed afternoon.

  7. very cute dress and cute shoes I think you should borrow them too 🙂 Great job with the AP’s I need to get back to bringing in 50 something AP’s a week. Keep it up your doing great!!

  8. Hot dress! You will look amazing in that! Your activity for the week just made me tired after reading it, holy cow! I hope dirtbike’s ankle is healing well, sometimes those hurt so bad!

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