Christmas Dress Challenge – Week Five – Holding Steady

This week I weighed in at 157.6 pounds, a 0.2 pound gain.  Right back where I was two weeks ago.  That’s just the way it is some times – nor harm, no foul.

DO-IT:  The Dress.  Picked it up from the store this week!!  Oh. My, Gosh.  It’s perfect!  It fits just a bit snug now and should be perfect perfect perfect by Christmas.

DO-IT: My  Weight Watchers points. I knew going in this was going to be a challenging week, with both Princess Pea and DirtBike’s birthdays,as well as some schedule conflicts that I knew would affect my exercise time.  I went over my daily point allowance every day, but I didn’t use up ALL of the weeklies and the activity points.  Pretty darn close, though!

DO-IT: Earn 50 activity points a week.  Oh sadness.  For the first time in forever, I didn’t get my whole 50 points this week. I did manage two self-defense classes with killer lunges (still sore) a short bike ride, my situps and pushups.

DO-IT: Consistency.  I would consider myself slacking this week, but then again, I’m probably my own worst critic!  I’m already heading into next week with plenty of exercise, hydration and a food plan that includes an abundance of veggies and not a bite of leftover birthday cake.

DO-IT: Hydrate.  Done!

DO-IT: I did not read a single page of Refuse to Regain this week.  I chose to work on a water model for work, reviewing an environmental assessment for a property that our my kids’ highschool is considering purchasing (I’m on the facilities committee and volunteer my engineering input when they need it), chaperoned an ecology class field trip for Princess Pea, and our entire family donated many hours to the Stephen Breen Foundation this week, helping host a dinner reception and a golf tournament.

DO-IT: One update post a week. Yes!  Both here and at the Christmas Dress Challenge Site.  Go Read It….I wrote about Consistency this week.

DO-IT: Link up to your weekly updates.  Done.

DO-IT:  Be supportive.  Yes!  Yes! Yes!  I’ll make the rounds again this week!

Hold Steady.  Keep the Faith.

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8 thoughts on “Christmas Dress Challenge – Week Five – Holding Steady

  1. Hi, Awesome-ness!
    Don’t worry too much about the gain.
    Might have been….. anything at all!
    Keep doing right – it always takes care of itself!

  2. You are doing great. The scale goes up and down all the time, next week will be down. I love you stopping by and your sweet comments, they mean a lot to me, thank you. Keep up the great work and have an awesome week.

  3. I agree. 2 Parties and a cut back on excercise – .2 pounds is pretty good. If you tilt a lttle on the scale you would probally have lost those .2 pounds. Great job!

  4. You sure have been busy this week! More like a busy Pea. 🙂
    Hopefully this week will be much smoother and easier for you. Those pesky point 2 pounds are probably already gone! 🙂

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