Christmas Dress Challenge – Week Eight – Steady

Week Eight!!  Le Sigh….it’s just going so fast!

This week I weighed in at 158.3 pounds, another little gain.  Rats.  But not the end of the world.  Here’s the rest of the recap.

DO-IT:  The Dress.Done. Maybe I’ll wear it to work.

DO-IT: My  Weight Watchers points. Right on.

DO-IT: Earn 50 activity points a week. Done! Even with a week of parenting solo.  Two 10 mile rides, Self Defense classes, a quick run and two – TWO – sessions of Insanity.  I rock.  Total of 57 points.

DO-IT: Consistency. Done.  Ate my veggies.  Didn’t eat Halloween leftovers.

DO-IT: Hydrate.  Done.

DO-IT:Read a few more chapters of Refuse to Regain this week.

DO-IT: One update post a week. Yes!

DO-IT: Link up to your weekly updates.  Done for sure, this week!

DO-IT:  Be supportive.  Yes!  Yes! Yes!  I’ll make the rounds again this week!

Bonus DO-IT:  Yearly Mammogram and physical.  Have you had yours?

Stay on track.  Keep the Faith.

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Dress Challenge – Week Eight – Steady

  1. Yay you on making that dress goal, you should wear it & show it off! You are an inspiration cause my problem in the past has been getting where I wanted to be & thinking I was done & could go back to the sedentary, over eating lifestyle without regaining! It wasn’t really a conscious decision to over eat but little by little I always got there. I am aiming to be more like you & keep it a part of my life forever this time!!

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