Anyone who reads this on purpose knows that I’ve been on a very long journey to regain my healthy and figure.  I’ve lost weight before, gained some back, lost some more, but I never made that final commitment.

Today I did.

I have a favorite coat, one that was purchased nineteen years ago.  It’s the sweetest , softest lambskin leather coat.  Coat, as in knee-length, not just a jacket. It’s also a size XL.  I’ve been loathe to part with it, because, what if I get big again? I’ve been hesitant to let it go, because, dang, it’s a leather coat!  An incredible luxury that I can’t afford to replace right now because a) leather goods are much more expensive now than they were two decades ago; b) I have multiple offspring who also need shoes, clothes, coats and an education.

I wore that leather coat Sunday night on a date with my Dear Husband, and realized that I could literally wrap it around so that the front zipper edges were past my armpits and halfway across my back.  Even though that leather coat is amazingly soft and incredibly warm, it looks ridiculously over-large on me now.

The commitment part?  Today I bought myself a new coat.  Not a leather one, but a very pretty, very warm wool tweed coat.  It’s similar to this one, except mine has a big, drapey princess type hood on it.  I’d post an actual picture of me in it, but I wrapped it and put it under the Christmas tree.  Silly me.

It’s a size 10!!

Anyone need a leather coat?

Commit. Keep the Faith.

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9 thoughts on “Commitment

  1. Enjoy the new coat…but you may want to look into having the old coat altered. You may have to look around a bit but there are people who redo leather goods and it sounds like you really love this old coat. Its great that you have done so well.

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