NSV – Because the Scale is Being Nasty Mean

Oh yes she is. 

I call the scale a she, because what else would be so fickle, so cruel?  I’m working my tail off, only, well, my tail isn’t coming off.

So, let’s celebrate a NSV (Non-Scale Victory) instead! Observe: 

It's a Belt!

Look!  It’s a funky studded belt!  OVER a sweater! Around my waist!  The sweater used to be a skin-tight layering piece.  It’s pretty loose now, but just like the leather coat, I’m loathe to part with it.  It’s purple.  And cashmere. Luxuriousness and snuggly warmth all in one garment.  The belt is something I purchased on a whim a while back, under the enabling influence of my daughters.  When I bought it, I could buckle it only in the first hole at the end of the belt.  The plan was to keep it as a goal measuring device and maybe wear it someday.  Someday is today, and that belt is buckled in the LAST hole and it’s still loose over a SWEATER!!  Now just how cool is that?

I need a NSV because it’s been a long, difficult week.  The Architect has been home sick for three days with a raging fever, sore throat and rude tummy (negative flu test, negative strep culture).  He’s tired of being sick and bored out of his mind.  I am soresoresore from Tuesday’s kettle bell training.  We did ladders, with the last bit being pullups.  I can still only do one real pullup, so Bryan had me jump up to the bar to get my chin over and then s..l..o..w..l..y lower myself down.  With all the ladder reps, I did a total 50 reverse pullups.  (Dropdowns?) Today my chest hurts.  Mr. Pea had to help me get dressed this morning because I couldn’t reach behind my back.  My snackiness is still plaguing me, and I’ve been eating my APs this week.   The dishwasher died.  The weather is blah.

Oh!  here’s a bonus NSV.  Even though I’m achy, I went to kettle bell class again today and worked with double bells.  Funny, after sweating and moving for an hour, I don’t feel quite as bad.  The three Advil probably didn’t hurt, either.

Celebrate the NSVs.  Keep the Faith.

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