LOVE this Idea!

Scream Weight

I’ve been reading Refuse to Regain by Barbary Berkeley as part of the E2E Challenge, prepping my mind for maintenance.  One of her rules is to Reverse Small Regains Immediately.  As in the very second you notice them.

You start by setting a Scream Weight for yourself, a number that you never, ever in your lifetime want to see again. If that number appears on your scale, you SCREAM! If you start getting close to that Scream Weight, you go into an automatic and immediate response of cutting back on calories.  You live lean for a few days until that scale backs away from your Scream Weight.

Why?  Because if we allow our weight to creep up over the Scream Weight, it becomes progressively more difficult to bring it back down the further away we get.  I know this from personal experience.  My first attempt at serious weight loss was easy, shedding 40+ pounds in less than six months. It has taken me more than two years to lose the 20+ pounds I regained. It is so much easier physically and mentally to spend a few days restricting and reigning in our self-control than it is to  spend months and months regaining lost ground.  

It’s a glorious day here in Texas – the sun is shining, there’s only a light breeze instead of gusting wind, so I went riding at lunchtime today.  I got in 10 miles during lunch and still had time to eat my sandwich.  DirtBike’s science project is finished and was safely carried to school this morning.  I did Turkish Get-ups with an eighteen pound kettlebell yesterday. Ah-maaaaz-ing!

Set your Scream Weight. Keep the Faith.

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5 thoughts on “LOVE this Idea!

  1. What a great workout!
    I love the scream idea. Once I reach goal weight I´m going to set a “scream weight” for myself, because I do NOT want to regain all I´ve lost!

  2. My sister-in-law was telling me the other day that she was revving up her workouts, because she was too close to her “scream weight”. Me? I scream when I see my weight now! 😉

  3. Thus is so true. I set an absolute scream weight and when I got close over the holidays it was enough to motivate me to slow down. I only wish I could set it closer to my goal. One day….

  4. I gained 5 pounds this year. Not acceptable.
    So I started that very day to reverse the trend.
    NO WAY am I ever doing this again!

  5. Hear me screaming. I don’t want to go back up to any of the numbers I’ve seen me pass so I’m screaming loud and am working to not see them every again.
    Thanks Angela. Blessings!!

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