E2E Challenge – Week 5 – Persistence

Mule Headed Crazy Stubborn. 

That’s me. At least, that’s what I want to think I am. Mr. Pea would agree, and I’m pretty sure my Mom would back him up.

I’ve had to have some serious self talking this week, reminding myself that it is persistence and not perfection that is going to get me to healthy.  Thank the Lord, because perfect I’m not!  Persistence I can handle.  Getting up every day, making wise food choices and choosing to move instead of sitting on my fanny at lunchtime I can do.  It’s days like today that I waver a bit.  The Pea family wanted tamales for dinner, with black beans, chips and salsa, to be enjoyed while watching the SuperBowl.  Chips? Definitely my Achilles Heel. Especially with my own homemade salsa. And a margarita. Oh yeah, I’m a huge fan of my own cooking.

Today was the Chainring Massacre, and The Architect did GREAT!!!  He finished in 3 hours and 21 minutes.  I was SO PROUD of him!  Doubly glad I decided not to race today, because after several weeks of warm weather, winter decided to return today. The wind was pretty brisk and terribly cold.  The Architect used my thermal gear to ride today, and was glad to have it. LOL..I’ve come pretty far insomuch that my teenage son can borrow my gear and it isn’t too terribly large on him.  Short, yes, but not really that big around. 🙂

Here’s the prescribed update for Week Five.

1. Item of clothing and a picture of me. Princess Pea just said “I’m working on it”.

2. Weight This Week: 160.0. Waist 31″.  Whoop it Up!  One Tenth of a Pound Loss!

3. Goal Recap

Shed Five Pounds:  It’s coming. Eventually.

Do Five Pullups:  Oooh…I couldn’t do my one this week.  May be due to the fact that I tried it after a majorly awesome kettlebell class where I did twelve bazillion sets of single presses, sweeps and snatches with the 18 pound bells. Yes.  That’s ARM and SHOULDER work, with EIGHTEEN POUND BELLS, one in each hand.  I was so proud of myself!

Firm Up the Arms:  See Above.

4. Books

I set aside Refuse to Regain this week and picked up End of Overeating by David Kessler. Talk about eye-opening.  I’ve only read through the first few chapters that explain the science and psychology behind our cravings, and the deep dark secrets of American Food manufacturers who are seriously out to get us addicted to fat, sugar and salt.   I didn’t get

I continued to read along with Jenny at  A Minute Captured.

5. Catch up with the Challenge Buddy.  Oh, I was a slacker this week.  Hey Jo!!  I promise to pop by this week and check up on you.

7. Visit Other Challengers:  I missed Sunday posts, but did manage to pop by the mid week posts.

8. I do hereby solemnly swear to NOT QUIT.  Amen.

Persistence, not Perfection. Keep the Faith.

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9 thoughts on “E2E Challenge – Week 5 – Persistence

  1. YEAH!!! Just plain YEAH!!! You did awesome this week and those kettlebell really sound neat but lots of work. We don’t have them here or at our gym, I might have to check on them. Proud of your son, he did great and to share clothes is terrific. I’ve been stealing Mike’s nighty pants when he’s gone and I just need a bit of Mike and they fit which makes me feel pretty darn good.
    Keep up the great work Angela and thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words. I so really truly appreciate them. Take care and God Bless!!

  2. I can’t recommend THE END OF OVEREATING enough to anyone who binges/overeats regularly/habitually. It was THE eye-opener for me, and following the Rehab recommendations was great in keeping me from binge-eating. No binges in 20 months. 😀 It’s kinda hard to get into at first, and it’s very science heavy, but once you get in a few chapters, YOU ARE HOOKED and it’s amazing.

    Anyway, perfection is not necessary. Consistency most days and Persistence and control are. YOu’re doing great.

    On to a fresh week…

  3. I think I’ll have to read The End of Overeating! I really get into that scienc-y stuff. Do you keep a bike in your office? In your car? There are trails near my workplace that maybe I could ride on (when it gets warmer) – but first I need to get a bike! Getting outside at lunchtime sounds like a GREAT thing to do.

    1. We have some super cool hybrid/commuter bicycles here at the office for employees to use – we’re encouraged to bike to meetings and job sites if they’re close by instead of driving. Which I do, quite often! I work for a small private consulting firm, owners are totally into fitness and we’re self insured, so health and activity are up there on the priority list. There were bikes here before I was employed, and once the CEO discovered that I’m a biker, he ordered a smaller bike just for me. 🙂 We have a small gym with an elliptical, treadmill and rowing machine and full sets of machine weights and free weights. The best perk is that a personal trainer comes in every day and most of us work out together, either at bootcamp (hardcore) or at the Kettlebell/Self Defense session.

  4. I used to live a short distance from work. I would go home at lunch, then arrive back at work 5 minutes early and walk twice around the block before going back to my desk job. It made a great difference in my digestion, and couldn’t hurt my overall health.

    You are killing me with the kettleball workouts. I can just feel the arms jiggling while typing this. 😉

    I had a little Super Bowl food setback, but lots of water and tuna for lunch should get me back on track in a day or two. On days like this, tuna and baby carrots are my best friends. And I dance with the ones who brung me this far.

    Have a great week!

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