W.I.D.E. – What I Didn’t Eat

As part of my weight loss adventure, I learned the importance of logging and tracking what I eat.  It was very educational in the early days, because over the years, my view of an appropriate serving size and my idea of a ‘well balanced diet’ had become extremely warped. I’m pretty much on track now, but I continue to journal my food intake and exercise output.

There are days, however, when I look at that tracker and my head explodes in an eruption of meanness, pointed directly at myself.  I harass myself with the memories of naughty goodness that I wish I never ate.  Sometimes it’s a brownie, or maybe mashed potatoes. Other days it’s bread. With butter.

Since when did I become my own smack-down?  Where’s my inner cheerleader? I ate what I ate and owned up to it.  But what about the empty calories that I DIDN’T eat? As Josie over at Yum Yucky recommends, it’s time to give myself some credit for the crappy foods within chewing distance that didn’t pass my lips.

Reverse Food Journaling is logging the uneaten. Recording the opportunities for noshing on sugary, fatty and otherwise delicious snarffage that will only go straight to my butt. WHICH, by the way, I am still working very hard at shrinking and toning.

So today? Today I’m starting W.I.D.E. – What I Didn’t Eat.  I’m starting with this:

You can click on the pictures and it will pop up a slide show where you can read the snarky comments on each picture.  (Thank you, WordPress, for such spiffy gadgets!)

Be Your Own Cheerleader.  Keep the Faith.

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2 thoughts on “W.I.D.E. – What I Didn’t Eat

  1. Give me an A! Give me a N! Give me a G – E – L -A!!! GooooooooOOOO, Angela! You rock girl! Great idea about keeping up with all the things we don’t eat. Love it!

  2. This is cool Angela, really cool. I should do this but heck I know I won’t because I barely take time to journal what I do eat but maybe on the bottom I could say I skipped so and so. Hummm, gotta think about that.
    Keep up the great work my friend. Blessing!!

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