I’m a huge fan of Just Me, Drazil and Sheniqua, and I’m playing along with her Bring Your Own Crazy. It’s five little questions you can answer in your own blog to give your blogging brain a break.

Copy, paste and enjoy!

1. Name a Valentine gift you would NOT want to receive.

Whoa – back the truck up here.  Why would anyone turn down a gift of any kind?  It’s a gift! A surprise!  Somebody was thinking about you! That being said, I’d love to receive a Valentine’s gift of any kind. Mr. Pea?  Not so great on gift giving. He leans towards the practical, techie stuff – rarely anything romantic, frilly or fun.  I suspect I’ll get the dishwasher repaired as a Valentine’s gift. Which is really okay, because there are a lot of people living in my house, most of whom only wash the dishes by hand with a lot of grumbling and whining, including myself.

2. What’s your vacation personality? Do you act/eat/talk/do things differently or completely opposite from when you are not on vacation?

Vacation? Uh, yeah.  Doesn’t happen very often.  That house full of grumbling dishwashing teens?  They eat a lot.  Traveling with a crowd can be very, very expensive. When we do go on vacation, though, I am pretty much the same as I am at home.  Laid back and smiling because those same teens are so absolutely silly when they’re set free from the constraints of school, chores and other activities.

3. Describe yourself in 5 POSITIVE words.


4. Do you have any phobias or irrational fears or dislikes?

Heights!  Oh lordy, I’m afraid of heights.  It’s a great source of amusement to those teens when I’ll try to be brave and go up on that tower thingie at Six Flags.  I usually end up screaming.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.

It’s been a long, difficult week at the Pea House.  The Architect has been sick, Princess Pea is edgy waiting for the ONE college acceptance letter she really wants, Mr. Pea and I have been dealing with work demands and stresses and did I mention that the dishwasher died?  It’s been limping along since last summer, but it’s finally and totally dead. Just another kitchen annoyance to go along with the semi-functioning oven. Oh!  And the cable box bit the dust, too.  They’re sending us a new one, which is two days late. AND – the bathroom heater blew up this morning.  Literally blew up, with sparks and everything.  Just so you know, our home ISN’T falling apart and yes, we’re all okay.  The things that are giving up the ghost are at least fifteen years old or older, because Mr. Pea and I are frugal types who don’t replace appliances for style or aesthetic purposes – they only get replaced when they are dead beyond our own ability to repair them ourselves.

Blogland threw a gem in my lap this week.  Josie over at Yum Yucky mentioned keeping a journal of all the stuff she DOESN’T eat. I love love love that!  I spend a lot of time  berating myself for the indulgent things that I do eat, and that is just too danged negative. I do NOT need any negativity in my life, especially from inside my own head.  I need  to praise myself for what I’m not eating, instead.  Like this:


I am seriously going to set up a blog to record what I don’t eat. Thumb my nose at the temptation and the evilness of food pushers. Seriously…stay tuned.

Bring Your Own Crazy.  Keep the Faith.

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