E2E Challenge – Week 7

Hello, Friends!!

Guess what Mr. Pea and I did this weekend?  Ran Away!  🙂

Actually, we were chaperoning Princess Pea and six of her friends on a road trip to San Antonio to cheer on their school soccer team in the state finals and then visit the outlets in search of prom dresses.  It was So Much Fun…we let the girls have a little leeway exploring the River Walk and the Outlets on their own, with them checking in every thirty minutes or so.   Mr. Pea and I had dinner at Zumi (FAVORITE!) and so thoroughly enjoyed some quite time.  This was the first time we’ve been away together sans offspring in twelve years!

Here’s the prescribed update for Week Seven.

1. Item of clothing and a picture of me. I tried on seven or eight dresses this weekend, and couldn’t find a fitted sheath dress that fit, because slopers are made for ladies with tiny boobs.  Seriously.  My shoulders, waist and hips are a size 10 dress.  My bustline is a size 16. I did, however, try on a dress from last summer, and it fits even better now. I will have Princess Pea snap a photo this evening and will update.  I’ll continue to look for that perfect  Easter Dress.

2. Weight This Week: 161.4. Waist 30″. Weight up a bit more, waist same. It’s still freaking me out, and I’m trying not to go ballistic over the number.

3. Goal Recap

Shed Five Pounds:  Grrrrr.r.r.r.r

Five Pullups:  Bryan had us doing ladder “Dropdowns” again this week, working on strength for pullups.

Firm Up the Arms:  Lots of arm work – curls, snatches, pushups (100+).  Oh!  Mr. Pea and I worked out at the hotel gym, and there was a rack of medicine balls there.  The heaviest one was 12 pounds, and when I picked it up, it felt like nothing. NOTHING, I tell you!  I guess all the serious curls and exercises with the 25 pound kettlebells are working.

4. Books

The End of Overeating by David Kessler.  This book is making me MAD.  Like seriously furious.  Did you know that most of the pre-made foods we purchase here in American supermarkets and restaurants are specifically engineered to have just the right combination of texture, flavor, chewability, fat, salt and sugar that MAKES us CRAVE it?  Makes it irresistible to our puny brains? Forces us to run out, buy it, gobble it down and then buy more?  It’s all in the name of making more money.

I really hope that the second half of the book offers advice on breaking away from the gastronomic food dystopia that is the American Food Industry.

I continued to read along with Jenny at  A Minute Captured.  Reading my Bible is proceeding.

5. Catch up with the Challenge Buddy.  I can’t remember.  Beat me with a stick.

7. Visit Other Challengers:  I think I did, but my blissful weekend is still casting a glow over my brain cells, and I’m just not up to trying to remember.  I’ll surely get around to everyone this week!

8. I do hereby solemnly swear to NOT QUIT.  Amen.

Steal Some Time Away With Your Sweetie. Keep the Faith.

EMail Anglea Pea

6 thoughts on “E2E Challenge – Week 7

  1. Put the stick down…your buddy is fine. And thanks for the encouragement this week. I’m going to get past it.

    So glad you enjoyed your weekend. I have never been to San Antonio, but everyone loves the River Walk. You will find your outfit and you will lose the 5 lbs. Hey, you’re working too hard for it not to happen. It will come. And I know you will not quit.

  2. Sounds like a great week! I’m so proud of you for your arm work. I’ve only been doing kettle ball stuff for a week and I’m feeling it! 🙂 Can’t wait to see that spring dress!

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