E2E Challenge – Week 8 – Spring Madness

ACK!!  Let the spring madness begin!

Stephen Breen basket ball tournament kicked off yesterday with setup…I’ll be living at the school gym for the next two weeks, along with Mr. Pea and the kids.  None of ours are playing this year; we’re just volunteering.  I’ll be keeping the scorebooks, Princess Pea is helping with the games, give aways and contests, The Architect will be working the sound board, DirtBike is our very best all around gopher, running errands, fetching and carrying, and Mr. Pea – he’s the best.  He (and several of the other fathers!) are the ones who stay late after every game and clean up. I’ll also be cooking a few nights for the volunteers – I have veggie lasagna planned for one evening, and homemade macaroni and cheese another [Friday] evening.

Went mountain biking today – got in fifteen miles.

Here’s the prescribed update for Week Eight.

1. Item of clothing and a picture of me. *sigh*.

2. Weight This Week: 160! Waist 30″.

3. Goal Recap

Shed Five Pounds:  Hopeful again that this might come to pass.

Five Pullups:  1 and 1/2 this week!  Progress!

Firm Up the Arms:  Lots of arm work – curls, snatches, pushups (100+), rows and lat pulls. The arms really are toning up, not hardly any flapping anymore.

4. Books

The End of Overeating by David Kessler.  This book is diving into the “How To Stop It” section now.  I’m still processing info, but will be sure to share over at E2E.

I continued to read along with Jenny at  A Minute Captured.  Reading my Bible is proceeding.

5. Catch up with the Challenge Buddy.  Done!

7. Visit Other Challengers:  Yes!

8. I do hereby solemnly swear to NOT QUIT.  Amen.

Steal Some Time Away With Your Sweetie. Keep the Faith.

EMail Anglea Pea

7 thoughts on “E2E Challenge – Week 8 – Spring Madness

  1. Awesome. Wonderful. Terrific. You are doing great Angela. I want no wings. Gotta work on that along with …. well everything. Enjoy the basketball tournament, it’s great the whole family is part of these.
    Take care and God Bless!!!

  2. It’s so nice that your family can do the basketball tournament together, and sounds as if it might just not happen without you all. Have fun!

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