This Week, April 8

Yeah.  I totally have to start dating my post titles, because I copy old ones for templates and there are now enough old posts to be overwhelming instead of simply confusing.

The Ready for Summer challenge is on.  Summer?  Honestly, folks, it’s upon us here in Texas.  We had summer storms last week complete with tornadoes, and the heat isn’t too far off. Mosquitos are relishing the fact that rain has returned to our drought ravaged corner of the world, and they’re coming out of dormancy with a vengeance.  I swatted one the size of a bumble bee yesterday.  Add to all of this the fact that Christina covered the grey in my hair painted in my annual highlights, well yes, Summer is officially here. 

See?  Thanks to the magic of chemistry, that pesky grey is now cleverly disguised as shimmery gold highlights. Yes, I have naturally curly hair.  It’s annoying, especially on humid days.

So how did it go with last weeks mini goals?  Hmph.  Considering that I couldn’t even find the post with last week’s goals in my post list, well, let’s just pretend I’m redoing the previous week’s goals, okay?

  1. Weight loss – One pound. Nope.  Didn’t happen.  Happily Maintained.
  2. NSV – Eight Hours of Sleep minimum every night.  Sadly, this did not happen last week. There were too many late evenings involving both work and fun stuff.  
  3. Exercise – Four days of cardio and two days of weight training – Ooooh….this one slipped a bit the past week.  By Tuesday morning, I was terribly sore from my biking accident, so I was a good girl and took it easy while the muscles and bruises healed. I did do a Crossfit class on Thursday, and it went well!  It was an evaluation type workout, but I was able to finish in a respectable amount of time.  Then I spent the entire Saturday at a bike trail workfest at Gateway Park. Lopped lots of privet, hauled fallen limbs and trees off the path, and did quite a bit of digging and shoveling as we repaired benchcuts along the path.
  4. Nutrition – Eat more Veggies, and cut back a little more on the processed carbs that are trying to sneak back in. – Score!!! 
The plan for this week is more of the same.
  1. Weight Loss – I’m going to step out here and go for a whopping half pound. At this point, anything would be appreciated, because these last 10 pounds will NOT GO AWAY.  I’ve considered removing an arm for weigh-in, but couldn’t figure out how to reattach it.
  2. NSVs – Because it felt so great the first week, I’m reinstating the eight hours of sleep minimum every night.  I’ll also toss in actually attending a WW meeting and Posting a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for my wonderful followers.  Any requests?
  3. Exercise – Honestly, getting old stinks when it comes to healing.  It takes so darn long now compared to when I was in my twenties.  Despite the still tender bruises, I’m going to hit the gentler paved trails today for a bike ride, Crossfit on Tuesday and  Thursday, a nice long walk on Wednesday and maybe another bike ride on Friday.  Saturday will be more heavy yard chores that will involve chainsaws, shovels and perhaps even a sledge-hammer.  And a rock breaker.
  4. Nutrition – cut some more processed carbs and substitute another new veggie recipe.
I’m linking up in the Ready for Summer Challenge – come join the fun!

Don’t Lose Track of Your Goals.  Keep the Faith.

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7 thoughts on “This Week, April 8

  1. Those processed carbs are evil!!! I am looking at labels and if there are more than 5 ingredients OR if it contains something I can’t pronounce… NOPE!!! I don’t buy it. I feel so much better when I eat clean 🙂

  2. You will do awesome Angela. I know you will. And that curly hair, yep I know about that and it gets frizzy too. I wish my gray would do the highlight look instead of the yikes look.
    Take care my friend and keep up the great work. You’ll do amazing.

  3. OHHH…. so there IS something worthwhile about chemistry??? Good job maintaining! It’s not as fun as losing, I know, but can be just as important.

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