Midweek – April 11

Why was I so excited about CrossFit?? Seriously?  Our new trainer cancelled yesterday.  What’s up with that?  He bailed on his first day, last Tuesday, and yesterday was his second cancellation.  Not that I was terribly upset.  After all, my arm muscles are still screaming at me from last week’s first attempt and his wimping out left me free to go biking!!   

I hopped on the work bike and hit the trails.  Halfway to the south side, I was struck by an incredible flash of inspiration and decided to visit the Botanical Gardens.  It’s only a quick jaunt across a major arterial roadway that doesn’t have a crosswalk or a signal, right?

I love the formal rose garden. Even its present state of reconstruction, it’s absolutely  spectacular.

Next winter, I am totally going to make a butterfly shaped pansy topiary and put it on my front porch.  Really.

The day was beautiful and I ended up spending just a little too much time meandering around the gardens on my bike.  Which means I was left with ten minutes to get back to the office.  Which in turn means I had to take “The Shortcut”.

Yep.  That’s The Shortcut.  Short in terms of time and distance.  Not so short in terms of effort.  I lifted the bike over my shoulder and schlepped it right up the staircase to get to the road above so I could skedaddle back to work. I received some strange glances from passing runners, and a big thumbs up from the biker at the top who was heading down the staircase with his ride as I was climbing up. Great fun!

 Take a Shortcut.  Keep the Faith.

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