This Week, April 15

The Tax Man Cometh.

O mercy, I had a fright last night. I was working through our taxes, and the return kept popping up showing us owing $12,490.  I was freaking out…where are we going to find another twelve grand on top of the already ridiculous amount of taxes we have already paid?  I mean, tuition payments for next year are due two months, college payments a few months after that.  So I told Mr. Pea the bad news and then we went to bed with him reassuring me it would be okay.  I had nightmares about getting tossed in jail because of taxes.  I woke up several times during the night mulling over my math.  Our income and other deductions were really close to last year’s and I already made prepayments on estimated taxes, so we shouldn’t be that far off.  First thing this morning, I open up Turbo Tax and check my input .  Um…I had Mr. Pea’s 401K contributions categorized as taxable income. Yeah.  Pretty stupid mistake.  I toggled the correct switch and BAM!! All is well.  We only owe roughly one week’s worth of groceries.  Whew!

The Ready for Summer challenge continues!

So how did it go with last weeks mini goals?  Pretty good!  I actually remembered what the goals were this week.

  1. Weight loss – 0.1 pound loss.  A measly tenth of a pound.  That’s less than my shoes weigh!
  2. NSV – Eight Hours of Sleep minimum every night.  Closer this week, but I’m still lagging behind on getting adequate rest.
  3. Exercise –   Rocking!! DirtBike, The Architect and I joined up with our Mayor on her weekly Tour of Fort Worth ride.  And guess what??  I got to meet Roxie Stone!!  She is just as gracious in person as she is on her blog! And Inez?  Oh drool…such a beautiful set of wheels.  We biked eighteen miles on Wednesday evening.  Add to that my foray to the Botanic Garden, CrossFit on Thursday and another eight mile ride on Friday…I got my exercise this week for sure.

    The Architect and Dirtbike
  4. Nutrition – Eat more Veggies, and cut back a little more on the processed carbs that are trying to sneak back in. – Oh sadness.  I succumbed to WHITE BREAD!!  Really, and it was quite delicious.  😉  I did eat four servings of veggies every day, though.
As for the group challenge, I just couldn’t do it.  I was totally bogged down at work last week writing proposals and a report, and I used my evenings helping kids with homework.  I used my spare time sleeping. 🙂
The plan for this week is more of the same.
  1. Weight Loss – Just keep on keeping on.
  2. NSVs – I’m sticking with eight hours of sleep minimum every night, and adding in a sewing session to take in my summer skirts so they don’t slide off when I stand up.
  3. Exercise – Biking, CrossFit and whatever else catches my attention.
  4. Nutrition – A week without bread.  Try some Kale!
I’m linking up in the Ready for Summer Challenge – come join the fun!

Ride a Bike!.  Keep the Faith.

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14 thoughts on “This Week, April 15

  1. Hint: Do Not Make Trouble For Yourself Where The Tax Man Is Concerned. You make me laugh with this one. It sounds Just. Like. Me. Sleeping on it always helps. Whew!

    Great week in exercise. (Secret: shhhh! I ate the peanut M&M’s!) So, onward we go!

  2. Thank goodness for silly mistakes!!

    I see that one of your goals for next week is CrossFit! Have you done it before? I just started last week and I’m looking forward to getting totally addicted to it.

    Have an awesome week #4!

  3. I needed a whole lot more deductions this year. My tax tab was about 6 months worth of groceries (remember…we are empty nesters). Keep on eating the right stuff!

  4. Glad your taxes got sorted out!

    Well done on getting 4 servings of veggies everyday! I’m struggling with my daily fruit intake. Would love to know more about your Cross Fit experience. I’m thinking of starting this summer.
    Good luck with week 4!

    1. Crossfit = fun!! It’s pretty strenuous, but over quickly. Be prepared for lots of old school type calisthenics…pushups, situps, burpees, pullups, running, hopping, jumping rope…the works. Oh, and some serious olympic style weight lifting with free bars.

  5. oh wow! that would totally make me panic. In the future, there are always extentions right? Something like that. I’m glad that the tax stuff is sorted. I love reading your updates! Bring on some good news and restful sleep this week! 🙂

  6. I would have chewed through the sheets rather than sleep over a tax bill like that! I’m so glad you were able to solve the problem.

    It was a delight to meet you – I look forward to more rides!

  7. My scale has been driving me INSANE lately. Hopefully both of ours cooperate a bit better for the coming weigh in. I think that making it a goal to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night is a really good idea. I have so much going on right now that sleep is definitely falling by the wayside. I’m going to do my best to achieve those eight hours a night this week too.

  8. I would have gone bonkers thinking I owed that much money! glad you got it figured out! How did you week of no bread go? I’m thinking of giving it up too, I don’t think I’ll miss it much in the summer anyhow. I do have a new found love of almond butter though…. on toast, really crunchy toast. Jeez, it’s the little things sometimes!

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