Minutes – May 27


Praying for

  • friends who have each lost their husbands, one to disease and one to accident, for strength and fortitude as they move forward in the following days as single mothers
  • Michelle, as she takes up her pink banner once again and fights the breast cancer monster…after she returns from her trip to France!

Grateful for

Pea Family Portrait

Princess Pea has graduated from high school! Cherry Ames is home for the summer, DirtBike and The Architect only have eight more days of regular classes.


Exercise was on this week, as the weather is fabulous.  I had three great bike rides – a solo run on Monday, the Mayor’s rolling town hall from LaGrave Field on Wednesday in celebration of the opening of Cats baseball, and a twenty miler with the family on Saturday morning.  The boys are both training for a time trial in September.  The rest of us are tagging along for shucks and grins.

Weight Maintenance – up a few pounds, but still maintaining!  I love this part!  The up part may be water retention due to some majorly intense CrossFit training.  I did 231 push ups in one workout and 210 squats.  My muscles are still achy!


I’m getting back on track feeding my family well after what seems like a month of sandwiches and canned soup.  Actually, with the insanity that is the end of the school year, it actually has been a month of eating sandwiches and canned soup. This week we’re having ratatouille, with the leftovers going into a vegetable lasagna; fajitas one evening and burgers on the grill another.  Cucumber salad and grilled chicken.  And leftover cupcakes from the Graduation Celebration!


Bella Mittens

On the needles – a pair of socks that have actually been on the needles since, oh, Christmas!  A pair of mittens for next winter to match the scarf I finished as this winter was ending.

I also have some tailoring and mending to tackle in the coming week.  Lots of pants that need hems let down.


Angela and Mr. Pea

Okay.  This is from Mother’s Day – the Fort Worth Fat Tire Festival.  It was a day spent mountain biking, enjoying adult beverages from our favorite brewery, watching The Architect race in time trials and visiting with friends.  The Bacon Wagon was there, along with our favorite sponsors and bike shop traveling venues. I learned how to ride with my new clipless pedals, and only fell a few times.  The bruises are fading now…

I’m reading The End of Overeating by David Kessler and Highway Construction Program Detail Manual. Not really for fun; rather, I’ve volunteered to participate in a review panel for recommending new certification criteria.

::looking ahead

Finishing a condition assessment report at work and moving forward with the design on a challenging project; playing pattern tester and knitting up a pair of felted slippers; the wedding of an old friend; summer fun; rejoicing in 26 years of celebrating the sacrament of marriage with Mr. Pea.

 Record the Minutes.  Keep the Faith.

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7 thoughts on “Minutes – May 27

  1. What a lovely family you have, Angela! I hope to catch up with you on an upcoming ride….I’ve got the Peach Pedal penciled in on my schedule….

  2. I so love your family picture. Congrats to the graduate. So glad to hear you get to get out and ride with the family. Love that and all that you do with each other. Take care and enjoy this wonderful weekend. Blessings!!

  3. Thank you for reminding me to not take my family for granted!!! Its so easy to do that sometimes!!
    AND 231 pushups!!!!??!?!! WOWsers!!! That is so amazing!! and ouchful!!
    and Happy Anniversary!!!

  4. There are so many things to be thankful for … awesome job on your workouts, especially your 231 push ups and 210 lunges!! Good luck with your upcoming week 🙂

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