Friday’s Letters – June 15

PhotobucketDear Mom – Thank you for sending me the $10 for the animal crackers for Dad from Costco.  Totally unnecessary, but  WOW!! I now have a secret stash in my wallet for an emergency Starbucks Fix or two!  Oh, and I actually wrote you a real letter, on paper, and dropped it in the mail this morning.  Enjoy!

Dear Dust Bunnies –  Thank you for the AWESOME trail ride this week!  You were especially kind to a beginner rider.  I can’t wait to go again.

Dear Crazy Driver at 820E This Morning – Texting and driving is NOT COOL, especially when it distracts you to the point that you swerve over into my lane, totally freaking me out and making me spill coffee!

Dear LC – Hey Dude!  I saw you on the evening news!  You totally rock.  Totally.

Dear IT Department – Thank you for fixing my computer.  Now where did you put my Autocad settings? And the drivers for my ancient printer?

Dear Weathermen – What’s with the overhyped forecast?  Yes, we had hail on Tuesday.  That does not mean that every rain cloud that forms for the next several days is going to drop volleyball size chunks of ice on our heads.

Dear Ravelry and Knitty – Stop distracting me. That is all.

Dear Summer School – Thank you for being so kind to DirtBike.  He’s getting the hang of Algebra!  Happy Dance Time!

Dear Neighbors on the East Side – I am so sorry for all the damage you are dealing with.  While I am shamefully gleeful that the hail didn’t hit us this time around, I feel for your losses and the utter chaos you’ll be living in for the next several weeks.  Take a deep breath, stay calm, and deal with the insurance companies and cleanup one moment at a time.  I promise it will all work out. The roofs will be replaced.  The cars will get new glass and the dents pulled out flat again.  The trees will grow new leaves.  The world will be all right once again.

Write a Letter.  Keep the Faith.

EMail Anglea Pea

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – June 15

  1. I think its a requirement as a weatherman to over exaggerate the weather, if not they’d probably get fired. haha

    Glad you didn’t get attacked by the crazy hail. We had a bad wind storm but my car was happily safe in the garage but my neighbors tree fell down!
    Have a great weekend
    Came from the link up 🙂
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

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