Minutes – June 10


Praying for

  • Friends who are caught up in difficult times
  • A son who is struggling with learning difficulties and growing up at the same time
  • A daughter (or two) who are determined to be adults, but who aren’t 100% up to speed
  • Patience

Grateful for

Rain!!  We got rain this week.  We’re still officially in drought mode, and the heat is coming.  Every drop is appreciated.

Then, Sunshine!!  And an end to pollen season, which means the clotheslines get put back into service.  Yeah!!


Outdoor exercise was curtailed this week.  Did I mention that it rained?  That’s okay, because we have a nifty gym at the office.  Lots of weight lifting, and practicing jump rope.  I’m not very good at it, and spend more time untangling my feet than I do actually jumping.  Silly, huh?


On tap for this week – Nachos with pinto beans, Grilled Chicken and fresh zucchini, Pasta with eggplant and more zucchini, Hamburgers with cucumber and tomato salad (again, by request), Salmon and couscous salad, which will be a new recipe trial. First Cherries were delicious, and devoured within in minutes after the kids found them in the fridge.


On the needles – back to the mitten. The slippers turned out cute.  I’m going to felt them again, and add a flower or two.  THEN I’ll post a picture. Nothing like stringing you all along, right?

Other creative things this week include repairing some broken jewelry, painting a picture frame and trying to salvage my dried up garden.  The Daughters have salvaged an old headboard from a neighbor, and plan to paint it and turn it into a giant bulletin board.  I can only hope that it will get carried to one or the other of their school residences so that I don’t have to figure out where to put it at home.


Still reading the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes with DirtBike, and finishing up The Pipe Dreamers for book club.  It was ‘meh’.  Neat little peek into the tumultuous 1960’s college scene, but not all that interesting to me.

Perhaps some kayaking one evening this week…

::looking ahead

Trail ride on Tuesday with the Dust Bunnies, Mayoral ride on Wednesday, CrossFit and walking the dog.  We’re still defatifying Max.  He’s looking better and moving easier with the poundage leaving his frame.  His golden years will be more comfortable for sure.  Developing a water model for the City of Denison at work, along with wrapping up a site certificate and taking two projects to bid – Whoot!

 Record the Minutes.  Keep the Faith.

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