Friday’s Letters – June 22

friday's letters

Dear Children – I understand that you are still growing, at least you two boys are.  Yeah, you girls are, too, expanding your brain cells.  I also understand that you all expend a lot of energy running, biking, kayaking, playing and simply existing.  However, could you please let the refrigerator stay full for at least 24 hours?  Is it necessary to eat an entire watermelon in one afternoon? In addition to the two pounds of turkey coldcuts, an entire batch of mashed potatoes, two quarts of blueberries, a dozen kiwis, three (or more) sets of popsicles, a party sized bag of tortilla chips, a quart of just made salsa and Costco sized boxes of granola bars and Fruit Snacks?

Dear Constable –  What happened here?  Did you miss the road?  Or are you now patrolling the sidewalk? (Note…yes, that is RAIN you see!!!  We got a few showers earlier this week!)

Dear K – I am so PROUD of you for stopping smoking!

Dear Chainring Tattoo on my Calf – Thank you for fading out a bit more.  At least to the point where I can shave again.

Dear CrossFit Dominic – Why are you so cruel?  Just when I think I have the upper hand and have this working out lifting weights thing figured out, you come along with a crushing workout of the day including a bazillion squats with a 40 pound kettle bell that leave my quads sore for days.  Which reminds me…

Dear Thighs – you may now stop complaining about the bazillion squats, and just let me walk like a normal person.  Sitting down and standing up without wincing would be nice, too.

Dear Leukemia –  please take your stinking hands off of Shelly’s daughter, m’kay?

Write a Letter.  Keep the Faith.

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5 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – June 22

  1. Great letters Angela! So, are you in the process of having a tattoo removed? I have one on my ankle that I would love to…not affordable right now…but at least it is a cross : )

    1. No! LOL…I had a nasty bike crash a few weeks ago and got ‘bitten’ by the chainring (that’s the gear cog, the gizmo with all the teeth!). I have rows of swirly cuts with a string of puncture wounds at the end on the back of my right leg. It looks like a funky tatoo. 🙂 I’m going to have a interesting scar, that’s for sure!

  2. All I can say is that my son wasn’t at your house this week to consume your food. My refrigerator feels your pain.

  3. love your letters lady! And love the drive-by (picture) shooting of the constable…I must try this technique sometime 🙂

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