Minutes – June 3


Praying for

  • more young friends as they graduate from high school – they are all so excited about going off to college!
  • the mothers of these young friends as they look to their [grown] babies with wistful eyes, remembering their chubby baby legs and toothless smiles.

Grateful for

Mr. Pea!!  Thursday was our twenty-sixth wedding anniversary!

And This!

Yes, this is completely worldly, but by golly, I am over the moon with our new dishwasher.  Our old one broke, about ten months ago. We were investigating remodeling the entire kitchen, as it’s twenty years old now and could use some serious structural face lifting. However, life became more complicated, funds were needed elsewhere and the renovations were put on hold.  But I still didn’t have a dishwasher.  I have many children who have been washing dishes by hand, but it becomes tiresome to keep after them, and on school nights I usually excused them from kitchen patrol so they could finish their homework and study.

Memorial Day Sales, a coupon and a tax-free pass, along with reminding Mr. Pea that when we do remodel in the future we can simply KEEP THE DISHWASHER, brought this lovely to my kitchen.  So sweet.  So silent.  So efficient.


Exercise was great this week, too, up until Friday.  Still learing to use the clipless pedals, I took another fall.  This time, though, the chainring bit the back of my leg.  It looks like a swirly tattoo with a string of holes at the end of it. Totally freaked out the guy in the Botanic Garden, as blood was dripping down my leg and leaving marks on the walkway. I thought he was going to faint.

The blurry camera phone snapshot is my leg today.  Note the ripped (as in buff, not actually torn open, though it could be interpreted as such given the rad abrasion below it) calf muscle.    Said “holes” are to the right. Mr. Pea says if I don’t stop falling soon, he’s going to take my bike away.

Weight Maintenance – down a few pounds again.  Must have been the blood loss. 🙂


On tap for this week – Grilled Chicken and massaged kale salad; italian roast sandwiches and summer squash; hamburgers with cucumber and tomato salad; turkey paninis.  Oh Glory Be!!  Cherries are coming into season!!  Peaches, too!


On the needles – a pair of slippers that I made as a pattern tester. I need to felt them, then I’ll post a picture.  A pistachio green cotton baby blanket.  That second mitten has taken a back seat.


I’m reading the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes with DirtBike.  It’s his summer reading assignment.   I just finished Ape House by Sara Gruen.  Eh.  I liked Water for Elephants better.

::looking ahead

Dirt Bike starts summer school for math this week.  He’s going to do GREAT!!  We’ll also be starting a Spanish course at home – we’re all going to learn a little bit this summer.  Long day trip to visit a client up near Oklahoma, which means several hours of solitude in the car. I can listen to music and sing out loud, and play my favorite podcasts, like Catholic in a Small Town and Under the Hood!

 Record the Minutes.  Keep the Faith.

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4 thoughts on “Minutes – June 3

  1. What a beautiful blog you have! It was so nice to stop over here…very soothing. I like the way you write your *Minutes* too. Thank you for your visit and such kind words and prayers.

  2. You and Slater can be chain ring twins! I hope your war wound heals up faster than his!

    Yay for SILENT dishwasters – they are one of life’s greatest pleasures…

    Will you be riding on Wednesday?

  3. It does look like a swirlly tat. Love your minutes concept. Been riding as well doing near 5 miles a day. You are an inspiration to many and myself!

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