Friday’s Letters – June 29

friday's letters

Dear Whiskey Bob – I know you’re just a cat, but could you please turn off your internal clock on the weekend?  You are not starving  for either food or affection, and I do not need to be awake just because you are.  Go play with the dog.

Dear Mr. Pea – Thank you for being such a great husband. Thank you for the fish tacos, and for being so patient with Princess Pea as she learns about shifting gears, heat conditioning and building endurance.

Dear Oncor –  Really?  It sort of looks like a stick to me. Is it going to grow?

Oncor Stake

Dear Engineers from a Competitor Firm – We wouldn’t normally collaborate, but we’ve been tossed together on this project by our client.  I want you to know that you are both a pleasure to work with, and your presentation at the City on alternative sewer rehabilitation methods was great!  Thanks for the PDH!

Dear Inventor of Coconut Popsicles – You are amazing and deserve special graces.

Dear Funny Little Dog Who Followed Me Around While I Took Pictures of a Project Site – You’re so cute!!  Thank you for brightening a routine site visit!

Dear DirtBike – you, my youngest son, totally ROCK!!!  We are so proud of you and the amazing good grade you got in Algebra this summer.  You worked really hard, and it paid off.  Now let’s do this during the school year next time, okay?

Dear Princess Pea and The Architect –  thank you for clearing the front garden beds.  It’s a hard, hot and thankless job, and I really appreciate you tackling it.

Write a Letter.  Keep the Faith.

EMail Anglea Pea

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – June 29

  1. I love your positive letters. So many use this type of writing to rant, but your way is better. 🙂
    I hope your kids read this too. Go DirtBike!

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