Minutes – July 2


Praying for

  • Jen, as she bravely battles leukemia
  • David, struggling with his declining eyesight
  • Fr. Luke as he departs for Austria and a new assignment
  • Fr. Joy as he is blessed with a new congregation
  • Michelle, donning pink and tackling cancer again
Grateful for
  • new Deacons in our parish!
  • new Priests in our diocese!
  • purple hull peas, peaches, tomatoes and zucchini


Biking excursions! First a Dust Bunny ride at Gateway, then the weekly ride with Her Honorable, the Mayor.  Except that Herself was not present after a close call two weekends ago that resulted in a broken collar-bone.  Owie!  Both were great fun, though Gateway left marks – huge black and purple bruises on my thigh and across my chest.  The kind of bruises that make people gasp and exclaim “Are you all right??” if they catch a glimpse at the hemline of my skirt or at the neckline of my blouse. The irony is that I wasn’t even RIDING the bike when I fell this time!  No trees were involved, no drops, no water crossings!  I was simply standing on the sidewalk with the bike talking to Nikki and I tripped on – air? – taking the bike down with me.  Cross bar raked up the leg and the handlebar went into the chest.  Sheesh.

My Mother has always called me “Grace”.  Because I’m not!


Crochet the lace edging on Miss B’s vest.  Princess Pea is refinishing a headboard so she’ll have a grown up bed when she moves to college.  DirtBike is wrapping up an airplane model.  We found the launch pad left over from Girl Scout days in the garage during a cleanup this weekend so all kids are building new rockets to launch on July 4.


The lineup this week includes

  • Grilled Pizzas that didn’t happen last week
  • Bean Burritos (leftovers!)
  • Roast Beef Sandwiches
  • Hot Dogs, Potato Salad and Baked Beans
  • Polynesian Chicken Kebobs
  • Short Ribs with Pineapple and Broccoli
  • More watermelon!  Blueberries! Honeydew!


July 4th!!  There will be a neighborhood parade.  It’s evolved over the decades.  It used to be all of the moms pushing strollers.  Now all those kids are grown and ride their bikes or drive their cars in the parade.  Several neighbors have vintage cars that show up.  The fire department always visits and dumps a bunch of water on the kids from the ladder truck!  There will be a big pot luck lunch, and then fireworks in the evening.  Fun! Fun! Fun!

There a dove’s nest on the ledge of my office window. Mom Dove builds a nest there every spring. Or maybe her offspring, as this is the sixth year in a row there’s been a nest in the corner.  I enjoy hearing the cooing as Mom Dove comes and goes; watching the eggs hatch; and then watching the baby birds grow.  I do worry about them falling before they are feathered out, as my office is on the second floor and a dove’s idea of a nest is to toss a few sticks and blades of grass down and call it done. The baby is a fledgling now and can fly!

::looking ahead

Mr. Pea and I are taking a few days off next week and we, the entire Pea Family, are going to paint the outside of the house.  Not the whole house, since it’s brick; just the trim.  We’ve lived here for twenty-one years and this is the first time we’ve painted!

More bike training with the whole family will happen, as well as registration for the Peach Pedal and continued fund-raising for the Tour de Cure.

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4 thoughts on “Minutes – July 2

  1. I have several of those *didn’t get to’s* on my menu this week too : ) Sounds like your parish is transitioning too.

    Have a blessed 4th!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you, too, trip on air… I’ve done that all my life. And I loved reading about the doves. Have a good 4th… it sounds like you definitely will 🙂 !

  3. I love the way you write your blog. It is so fun to come and catch up. I do have you delivered to my in-box but sometimes it’s just not the same. I would love to see pictures of the kids launching their rockets. Something new for us here? Never know.
    Take care Angela and have a safe and blessed rest of the week.

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