Friday’s Letters – December 7

friday's letters

Dear Weatherman – You’re a tease!  Really.  It’s been silly, record-breaking warm this week. My grape hyacinths think it’s spring and they’re poking up out of the ground.  Now you tell me that by Sunday evening it’s going to be freezing?  With a chance of snow?  Um Yeah.

Dear Advent  Wreath-   Where are you?  You have disappeared from the table, and nobody in this house knows (or will confess) where you are. Perhaps you grew legs and walked away.  Until you return, we’ll just use a few votive candles.

Dear Architect – Taking action shots of you for the school project was fun.  It was  especially fun when I called out to the little boy and his dad to hold back on the trail because you were about to fly through and jump the path.  The moment of utter hilarity, though, was when you cleared the edge, then landed too high off the front and went sliding through the leaves piled at the side of the trail.  I’m so glad you or Shelby (the bike) didn’t get hurt.  And?  The look on that little boy’s face was priceless.

The Architect

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