Naming the New Year

Following on a suggestion by Jenny at Suscpico , I asked the Holy Spirit to give me a word for this year. To quote Jenny:

“There is a common practice of “Naming” the year by setting aside a word for the year; a focal point to direct our days, weave our weeks together and attach month to blessed month.  Just as a North Star, or the straight arrow of a compass will redirect the lost, weary and confused so our word for the year can gently lead us back on the path we have set out for ourselves.  All steps are directed by God the Father, but the way in which we choose to walk is up to us.” 

Several words clamored for my attention, words like “faithful” and “trust”, “give” and “acceptance”, but these words rang false as I rolled them around in my head.  If I claimed any of these as my compass for the year, it would be more for show to impress others.

I needed a simpler word, and I found inspiration in a remembered homily given by our Bishop Vann at my daughter’s graduation mass several years ago.


For today I will just be.  I will be for God, his beloved child.   I will be for Mr. Pea his loved and loving wife; I will be my children’s mother.  I will be here, in this moment with my eyes and heart open.  I will not fret about yesterday, choosing instead to forgive and let go.  I will embrace the moments of grace in my life.  I will not borrow worry for tomorrow.  I will simply be.

Keep the Faith.

5 thoughts on “Naming the New Year

  1. I have asked for one for the past few years. I’ve gotten Open Doors, Courage..for example. This year I got “Release.” 😀 I like that. I have a ton of stuff I need to let go of, and the “writer” in me likes this word a lot. 😀

    Mir/Princess Dieter

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