Friday’s Letters – January 11

friday's letters

Dear Weatherman –  Rain! Rain! Rain!  We had more rain this week than we’ve had in the past six months!  You ROCK!!

Dear Dean of the Math College at that Institution of Higher Learning Down South – You really messed up by dropping Princess Pea from her math and chemistry classes without notification, question or information.  You did redeem yourself by fixing the Chemistry class right away; your response to the math class issue was not as great.  You can NOT arbitrarily play with your students’ academic life, reducing them to part time status on a whim. Students like Princess Pea are working hard to get into other academic programs, and your shenanigans could put their transfer statuses into limbo.  You’re lucky it all worked out with Princess Pea, because you do NOT want me in your office raging like a Mama Tiger.

Dear Student at that Institution of Higher Learning Down South Who Dropped the Calculus Class at the Last Minute – Thank you.

Dear God – Thank you for the amazing Moment of Grace this week.  Thank you for that instant that Princess Pea logged on to buy a biology book, saw the slot in the Calculus class open up, and clicked on ‘register’ in the nanosecond the one seat in the class became available.  Thank you for that little miracle!

Linking up with the Ladies at Suscipio.

Recognize your Moments of Grace.  Keep the Faith.

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – January 11

    1. Oh Mercy, I was ready to drive down there and read him the riot act! Princess Pea registered for the calculus class back in October (and we paid for it!) and then he dropped her out over the Christmas break because his records showed that she didn’t take a placement exam. Which she did, and aced with a perfect score. I haven’t been this riled up in ages. LOL!!

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