Friday’s Letters – February 1

friday's letters

Dear Mom and Dad – I’m so happy you came down to Texas today for our *sniff* “Very Last Grandparent’s Day Ever”. *sniffle*  It’s hard to believe that we’ve been at St. Andrew’s School for eighteen years.  Eighteen years of Catholic School Week, eighteen years of book fairs, field trips, Advent Angels, Mardi Gras Shoebox Parades, school pictures, Spirit Days, concession stand duties, History Fairs, book reports and basketball games. Eighteen years. Wow.

Dear Bacon Factory – Really?

Bacon - It's Gluten Free!

Who knew?  PiG!  It’s Gluten Free!!

I have to tell Jenny about this so maybe she can have Gluten Free pigs on her homestead!

Eczema – When I asked you to go away, I meant away as in “away from my entire body”.  I didn’t mean away as in move from one arm to the other, or just spreading across the stomach.  I certainly didn’t mean away as in “go start a patch on the right eyelid”.  THAT one proves that you are just plain mean.  Leave now. Go play with the gluten-free pigs. 

Dear Bike Shop – please hurry up with my seat post.  I miss riding my bike.  Mr. Pea’s bike is okay in a pinch, but his saddle rubs (Boy Seat!), and he doesn’t keep his derailleurs tuned up like I do.  I mean, I COULD take my seat post back from DirtBike, but then he wouldn’t be able to ride his bike, and besides, he already removed my seat and put his on the post.  And he notched a mark for his height.  And it would make me a Mean Mama to just take it back when I told him he could use it because the other seat post doesn’t fit in The Architect’s old bike frame, which he spent hours and hours reassembling into a ride-able bike after the Great Bicycle Break Up.  As a respectable local bike shop with super cool knowledgeable tattooed techs, you should just keep the $15 dollar seat posts in stock instead of the $100 seat posts. Who’s going to pay $100 for a seat post?  Seriously?  Not me!!

Dear WF-6 Interceptor Project – You blessed me with a lesson in patience this week.  I am so glad you are now a go.  The fact that new requirements and standards were officially published two days after the bid opening means that I get to redesign the meter station.  Thankfully, installing the meter station is at least a year out into the construction schedule, and after many, many years of experience, I had the foresight to include a sizable contingency allowance in the original budget for a possible redesign.  You’re welcome, Favorite Client!

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Recognize your Moments of Grace.  Keep the Faith.

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