Friday’s Letters – January 18

friday's letters

Dear Masterpiece Theater – thank you ever so much for Downton Abby.  I seriously want to dress for dinner like that.   Actually, I’d like to dress like that for strolling the grounds of my mansion, for horseback riding, for conversing in my library, for having a picnic at my summer-house…


Dear Mr. Waldo – Yeah for you and the new job!  I’m 100% convinced that it was my glowing recommendation that landed you the position.

I'm just too cute!
I’m just too cute!

Dear Kasey – You’re doing  a great job learning how to behave inside.  We haven’t had any accidents in several days.  However, you really need to stop drinking a lot of water and then running around so fast that it comes back up again.  Especially if you’re right behind me.  You do need to stop fussing with the cat.  He’s displayed amazing patience with you to this point.   Keep it up, though, and he’s going to smack you with those spiffy claws and you won’t like it one bit.  You are going to focus this week on learning NOT to jump up and pace on top of the pool table.  And?  No matter how cute it is, you may not sleep curled up on top of tall chairs in the sunroom.

Dear DirtBike – I am so, so sorry your mountain bike broke. You worked very hard building it from spare parts.  I am extremely thankful that you didn’t impale yourself on the crosstube when the frame snapped.  Trips to the emergency room stink. We will help you scour the lists and find a new frame, and I’m sure The Architect will help you put her all back together again.

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Recognize your Moments of Grace.  Keep the Faith.

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – January 18

  1. It’s always good when one of your children does not impale themselves isn’t it, lol! Our new addition to the family, Miss Lucy would be very jealous to learn your new addition, Kasey, gets to run around inside.

  2. Thank you, Angela Pea, for checking in on me when I was ill. You are a dear! My 2nd annual Downton Abbey Dress-Up Garden and Tea Party will be coming up in the spring. Start preparing your wardrobe now 😉

  3. Not a big fan of dresses but I’d wear them if they came with horses, a mansion, and my own library!
    Glad your son is ok!
    Too funny about your dog on the pool table! (I know it’s not funny to you) 🙂
    Good luck this week with the puppy!

  4. Thank goodness Dirtbike is safe and sound and can rebuild and keep going. If you lived closer I know of another young man that builds bikes and has more bike parts then anyone I’ve ever seen.
    Scout gets away with murder when we are at work. She ate my slippers the other day. Just the stuffing from the inside but they aren’t quite as comfortable anymore. Puppies, they do learn but think not to fast. And the cat, our monster Bobby, well he’s running out a patience too. She’ll learn.
    Take care Angela and have a blessed weekend. I’m waiting for the headache to go away. Almost bed time again, maybe tomorrow.

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