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Friday’s Letters – June 7

friday's letters

Dear Mr. Pea –  Thank you for the wonderful anniversary date!  I loved that we did nothing but sit and talk over our uninterrupted, two-hour dinner.

Dear Ice Cream – Love you huge as a moose, but you really need to quit calling me. 

Dear Local Office of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles – Mercy.  Just Mercy.  How can it possibly be so incredibly difficult to make an appointment to take a driving test to get a driver’s license?  Yesterday’s moment of true insanity occurred when I made the call to the state patrol office right across the hall from you to ask the clerk if you were open.  I explained that I had made a total of twenty-seven phone calls over the prior three days (yes, really.  I wrote down the times and recorded the calls to make a case) but nobody ever answered the phone.  That sweet woman informed me that the DMV ladies NEVER answer the phone. EVER.  Because they are “too busy”.  The DMV ladies have instructed the state patrol clerk to tell everyone that if they want to make an appointment for a driving test, they have to come to the DMV and wait in line.  Seriously?  Wait for a minimum of an hour to make an appointment to come back who knows how many weeks later to wait in line again to take a driving test? That’s the point where my head exploded.  I called Mr. Pea and told him to take The Architect to the DMV in the neighboring county.  Guess what?  My guys walked right in, waited a total of four minutes, and scheduled an appointment for The Architect to take his driving test this morning. We won’t be coming back to you, Local Office.  Ever.

Dear DirtBike – Your Slapper invention is quite ingenious and totally hilarious.  Who knew there was such fun to be had with a dog-chewed drying rack?

Dear Kasey – Speaking of dog chewed, you’re fortunate I’m soft-hearted and think you have other redeeming qualities.  I still don’t regret rescuing you.

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3 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – June 7

  1. WOW, they don’t answer the phone. Time to do something about that. Good thing you can go to the neighboring county and get things taken care of. I would to see a picture of this invention, sounds awesome. And a quiet anniversary date, sounds wonderful. Congrats!!
    Have a great and blessed weekend and next week. I’ll be back the 16-17th to get caught up. Take care Angela.

  2. Lucky for Kasey. I am having some serious doubts about Miss Lucy…and so are some of the children. I was just told yesterday that if I can just hang on a bit longer, she’ll be the great dog we were/are expecting.

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