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Friday’s Letters – June 28

friday's letters

Dear Architect  You’ve doing GREAT driving by yourself!

Dear Culver’s Frozen Custard –  Honestly,  I’ve lived here for thirty years, and for the life of me I can’t figure out WHY I’ve never heard of you before!!  It may have something to do with the fact that you’re on the opposite side of the Metroplex, but now that I know you exist, a [little – HA!] drive isn’t going to stop me from visiting. You are the best thing I’ve tasted since the Ted Drewe’s of my childhood.

DirtBikeDear Children – Sending you away by yourselves for a few days was a fabulous idea. Your Dad and I thoroughly enjoyed the forty-eight hours of quiet, and you four had a grand time being together.  Princess Pea, I’m sorry the boys ate everything in your kitchen.  It’s like that at home, too. Cherry Ames, thanks a bunch for playing ‘Mom’ and supervising.  Boys, I’m super proud of you and the glowing reports of good behaviour from your sisters.  How much did it take to bribe them?  🙂  And yes, you may do it again. Next time you should go visit Grandma and take the Blonde Cousins with you.

Dear DirtBike –  Thank you for saving us from the ginormous copperhead; however, that snake skin in the garage is beginning to smell really bad.  You need to clean it a little more and let it dry in the shed. Please.

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5 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – June 28

  1. You have never had the wonder that is Culver’s?!?! Holy moly! There is one right down the street from my house. I love me some Culver’s. This reminds me that I might have to get some tonight.

  2. I love reading your Friday’s letters.
    48 hours without kiddos, sounds like a nice time!
    And great sibling time all together, too!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. What is Culvers and where can I find it?
    We don’t even have a Baskin Robbins here. We may need to open an ice cream/frozen yogurt/family diner. Just sayin.
    If you ever want an extra boy for 48 hours, let me know, I’ll bring mine to you. M & I could use 10 minutes, nevermind 48 hours. HA!

  4. Me too, what is a Culvers? We don’t have a Baskin Robbins either. We do have a new ice-cream place but they want $3.50 for a one scoop cone, according to my daycare wee ones, so I haven’t stopped there yet.
    Peace a quiet, that’s what I’m having more of now with Mike in his own home. Relish your time, yes quiet time is good and honey time is awesome, but it will happen soon enough.
    Take care and have a blessed and awesome weekend.

  5. How nice — a dual fun vacation! Options are beginning to spin around in my head…

    That was a scary thing in your garage. You have a hero of son; glad to know that you are all safe.

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