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Minutes – July 2


Praying for friends who are recovering from illness and surgery, and for other friends who are helping their loved ones recover from illness and surgery.

Grateful for – cool temperatures!


Walking Miss Kasey Mae, biking and just scurrying around.  I’ve started up on the push ups and sit ups again.


Time.  It really does heal.  What  difference a month makes.  I’ve gone from being unemployed to being a sad, new employee still yearning for her old job to Wow!  I have a FANTASTIC new job and I really, really like it!  It’s all good, my friends, all good.


Painting.  Not me, the Pea Kids.  They are painting the wrought iron fences this week and they look so shiny and new again!  As soon as they finish the fences, they will start caulking and cleaning the house trim in preparation for PAINTING THE HOUSE!!!  Oh yeah, you heard me right.  We finally, finally decided on a color, the rain has stopped and we’re being blessed with unseasonably cool temperatures this week.  So my hard working kids are working their fannies off sprucing up the house.  Oh, and they’ve also cleaned out all of the landscaping beds, cut down more dead shrubbery and spread mulch.  You’d think I was paying them or something.


New Paint!

Here it is, the new color.  We finally settled on a much darker shade of the grey that we have now, which is actually almost white from sunbleaching and oxidation.  Yes, it’s been that long – 20 years – since the original paint job.  That door had several different color splashes on it last week, including a weird beige one that everyone hated.  And for the record, that’s how much space one of those little sample jars of paint will cover.  Just in case you’re considering a paint project of your own and need to know.


  • Bratwurst, Green Beans, Salad
  • Turkey Sandwiches
  • Chicken Curry, Lentils and Peas
  • Pasta with Zucchini and Eggplant
  • Tamales, Black Beans and Rice
  • Burgers!  Ice Cream! Watermelon!
  • Tilapia, Tossed Salad, Fresh Corn
  • Grilled Pork Chops and Peaches, Broccoli Salad


We’ll find some, or it will find us.  Oh wait!  We saw the new Superman movie.  It was good.  There were LOTS of explosions, buildings tumbling, and destruction of public property, though.  The daughters and I thought Superman was cute.  Mr. Pea and the sons liked it.

::looking ahead

Algebra and writing classes for DirtBike. The Architect finally gets to start his new job.  Preparing for the Peach Pedal and the ADA Tour de Cure.   Cherries are still in season!

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3 thoughts on “Minutes – July 2

  1. I am excited for you on that house sprucin’-up and painting family project. Lots of fun times to look forward too and many good memories for later. And congratulations on your new job! God is good 🙂

  2. What a blessing to love your job. Also, that color really makes the brick pop! I am happy for you. Michelle

  3. oooooh I am so glad you like your new job and are in a better place.
    I love the color of the Paint. And love that the Pea Kids did it.
    Next time, contact me and I will add one more to your work force. ha!
    Thanking God for this cool week we’ve had and hoping for another soon…

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